Manufacture of electronic components and boards, Class 2610

The SIC code for Manufacture of electronic components and boards is 2610

SIC Code 2610

Hierarchy of Class 2610

  • Section CManufacturing
  • Division 26Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products
  • Group 261Manufacture of electronic components and boards
  • Class 2610Manufacture of electronic components and boards

List of terms related whith SIC Code 2610

What activities does the Class 2610 contain?

This class includes the manufacture of semiconductors and other components for electronic applications.

This class includes:

~ manufacture of capacitors, electronic

~ manufacture of resistors, electronic

~ manufacture of microprocessors

~ manufacture of bare printed circuit boards

~ manufacture of electron tubes

~ manufacture of electronic connectors

~ manufacture of integrated circuits (analog, digital or hybrid)

~ manufacture of diodes, transistors and related discrete devices

~ manufacture of inductors (e.g.chokes, coils, transformers), electronic component type

~ manufacture of electronic crystals and crystal assemblies

~ manufacture of solenoids, switches and transducers for electronic applications

~ manufacture of dice or wafers, semiconductor, finished or semi-finished

~ manufacture of interface cards (e.g.sound, video, controllers, network, modems)

~ manufacture of display components (plasma, polymer, LCD)

~ manufacture of light emitting diodes (LED)

~ loading of components onto printed circuit boards

This class also includes:

~ manufacture of printer cables, monitor cables, USB cables, connectors etc.

What activities does not the Class 2610 contain?

This class excludes:

~ printing of smart cards, see 1811

~ manufacture of modems (carrier equipment), see 2630

~ manufacture of computer and television displays, see 2620, 2640

~ manufacture of X-ray tubes and similar irradiation devices, see 2660

~ manufacture of optical equipment and instruments, see 2670

~ manufacture of similar devices for electrical applications, see division 27

~ manufacture of lighting ballasts, see 2710

~ manufacture of electrical relays, see 2710

~ manufacture of electrical wiring devices, see 2733

~ manufacture of complete equipment is classified elsewhere based on complete equipment classification