Class 2812 of SIC System

What economic activities does SIC Code 2812 include?

Class 2812 SIC

Hierarchy of Class 2812

  • Section CManufacturing
  • Division 28Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
  • Group 281Manufacture of general-purpose machinery
  • Class 2812Manufacture of fluid power equipment

List of terms related whith SIC Code 2812

What activities does the Class 2812 contain?

This class includes:

~ manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic components (including hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic and pneumatic valves, hydraulic and pneumatic hose and fittings)

~ manufacture of air preparation equipment for use in pneumatic systems

~ manufacture of fluid power systems

~ manufacture of hydraulic transmission equipment

What activities does not the Class 2812 contain?

This class excludes:

~ manufacture of compressors, see 2813

~ manufacture of pumps and valves for non-fluid power applications, see 2813

~ manufacture of mechanical transmission equipment, see 2814