Class 2822 of SIC System

What economic activities does SIC Code 2822 include?

Class 2822 SIC

Hierarchy of Class 2822

  • Section CManufacturing
  • Division 28Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
  • Group 282Manufacture of special-purpose machinery
  • Class 2822Manufacture of metal-forming machinery and machine tools

List of terms related whith SIC Code 2822

What activities does the Class 2822 contain?

This class includes:

~ manufacture of machine tools for working metals and other materials (wood, bone, stone, hard rubber, hard plastics, cold glass etc.), including those using a laser beam, ultrasonic waves, plasma arc, magnetic pulse etc.

~ manufacture of machine tools for turning, drilling, milling, shaping, planing, boring, grinding etc.

~ manufacture of stamping or pressing machine tools

~ manufacture of punch presses, hydraulic presses, hydraulic brakes, drop hammers, forging machines etc.

~ manufacture of draw-benches, thread rollers or machines for working wires

~ manufacture of stationary machines for nailing, stapling, glueing or otherwise assembling wood, cork, bone, hard rubber or plastics etc.

~ manufacture of stationary rotary or rotary percussion drills, filing machines, riveters, sheet metal cutters etc.

~ manufacture of presses for the manufacture of particle board and the like

~ manufacture of electroplating machinery

This class also includes:

~ manufacture of parts and accessories for the machine tools listed above: work holders, dividing heads and other special attachments for machine tools

What activities does not the Class 2822 contain?

This class excludes:

~ manufacture of interchangeable tools for hand tools or machine tools (drills, punches, dies, taps, milling cutters, turning tools, saw blades, cutting knives etc.), see 2593

~ manufacture of electric hand held soldering irons and soldering guns, see 2790

~ manufacture of power-driven hand tools, see 2818

~ manufacture of machinery used in metal mills or foundries, see 2823

~ manufacture of machinery for mining and quarrying, see 2824