Human health activities - Division 86

Information about SIC: Human health activities 86

Code Division 86

Hierarchy of Division 86

  • Section QHuman health and social work activities
  • Division 86Human health activities

Groups inside Division 86

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What activities does the Division 86 contain?

This division includes activities of short- or long-term hospitals, general or specialty medical, surgical, psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals, sanatoria, preventoria, medical nursing homes, asylums, mental hospital institutions, rehabilitation centres, leprosaria and other human health institutions which have accommodation facilities and which engage in providing diagnostic and medical treatment to inpatients with any of a wide variety of medical conditions.

It also includes medical consultation and treatment in the field of general and specialized medicine by general practitioners and medical specialists and surgeons.

It includes dental practice activities of a general or specialized nature and orthodontic activities.

Additionally, this division includes activities for human health not performed by hospitals or by practicing medical doctors but by paramedical practitioners legally recognized to treat patients.