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  • Manufacturing
    ... of manufacturing and the other sectors of the CLASSIFICATION system can be somewhat ...
    Section C
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
    ... machinery, not covered elsewhere in the CLASSIFICATION, whether or not used in a manufacturing process, ...
    Division 28
  • Other manufacturing
    ... of goods not covered in other parts of the CLASSIFICATION. Since this is a residual division, production ...
    Division 32
  • Repair and installation of machinery and equipment
    ... equipment and other goods, in which case the CLASSIFICATION of units engaged in these repair and ...
    Division 33
  • Retail sale of other goods in specialized stores
    ... of products not included in other parts of the CLASSIFICATION, such as clothing, footwear and leather ...
    Group 477
  • Financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding
    ... to play a significant role in determining the CLASSIFICATION within this ...
    Division 64
  • Other service activities
    ... service activities not covered elsewhere in the ...
    Section S
  • Other personal service activities
    ... activities not mentioned elsewhere in the CLASSIFICATION. Notably it includes types of services such as ...
    Division 96