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  • Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas
    ... contract basis, oil and gas well exploration and TEST drilling and boring activities (see class 0910). ...
    Division 06
  • Mining support service activities
    ... geological observations as well as drilling, TEST-drilling or redrilling for oil wells, metallic ...
    Division 09
  • Support activities for petroleum and natural gas extraction
    ... pumping services, on a fee or contract basis . TEST drilling in connection with petroleum or gas ...
    Class 0910
  • Support activities for other mining and quarrying
    ... pumping services, on a fee or contract basis . TEST drilling and TEST hole ...
    Class 0990
  • Electric power generation, transmission and distribution
    ... of generation facilities that produce electric ENERGY, including thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric, gas ...
    Class 3510
  • Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation
    ... furnaces, cooling towers . non-electric solar ENERGY collectors . plumbing and sanitary equipment . ...
    Class 4322
  • Regulation of and contribution to more efficient operation of businesses
    ... economic sectors: . agriculture . land use . ENERGY and mining resources . infrastructure . ...
    Class 8413