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  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
    ... use. The manufacture of special equipment for PASSENGER or freight transport within demarcated premises ...
    Division 28
  • Manufacture of motor vehicles
    ... class includes: - manufacture of PASSENGER cars - manufacture of commercial vehicles: . vans, lorries, ...
    Class 2910
  • Building of ships and floating structures
    ... includes: - building of commercial vessels: . PASSENGER vessels, ferry boats, cargo ships, tankers, tugs ...
    Class 3011
  • Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock
    ... or tramway rolling stock, not self-propelled: . PASSENGER coaches, goods vans, tank wagons, ...
    Class 3020
  • Sale of motor vehicles
    ... and retail sale of new and used vehicles: . PASSENGER motor vehicles, including specialized PASSENGER ...
    Class 4510
  • Transportation and storage
    ... section includes the provision of PASSENGER or freight transport, whether scheduled or not, by rail, ...
    Section H
  • Passenger rail transport, interurban
    ... class includes: - PASSENGER transport by inter-urban railways - operation of sleeping cars or dining ...
    Class 4911
  • Urban and suburban PASSENGER land transport
    ... class includes: - land transport of PASSENGERs by urban or suburban transport systems. This may include ...
    Class 4921
  • Other PASSENGER land transport
    ... class includes: - other PASSENGER road transport: . scheduled long-distance bus services . charters, ...
    Class 4922
  • Sea and coastal PASSENGER water transport
    ... class includes: - transport of PASSENGERs over seas and coastal waters, whether scheduled or not: . ...
    Class 5011
  • Inland PASSENGER water transport
    ... class includes: - transport of PASSENGER via rivers, canals, lakes and other inland waterways, ...
    Class 5021
  • Passenger air transport

    Group 511
  • Passenger air transport
    ... class includes: - transport of PASSENGERs by air over regular routes and on regular schedules - charter ...
    Class 5110
  • Renting and leasing of motor vehicles
    ... leasing of the following types of vehicles: . PASSENGER cars (without drivers) . trucks, utility ...
    Class 7710