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  • Higher education
    ... class also includes: - performing ARTS schools providing higher ...
    Class 8530
  • Other education
    ... foreign language instruction, instruction in the ARTS, drama or music or other instruction or ...
    Group 854
  • Sports and recreation education
    ... sports instructors, teachers, coaches - martial ARTS instruction - card game instruction (such as ...
    Class 8541
  • Cultural education
    ... class includes provision of instruction in the ARTS, drama and music. Units giving this type of ...
    Class 8542
  • Arts, entertainment and recreation

    Section R
  • Creative, ARTS and entertainment activities

    Division 90
  • Creative, ARTS and entertainment activities

    Group 900
  • Creative, ARTS and entertainment activities
    ... operation of concert and theatre halls and other ARTS facilities - activities of sculptors, painters, ...
    Class 9000
  • Sports activities and amusement and recreation activities
    ... from this division are dramatic ARTS, music and other ARTS and entertainment such as ...
    Division 93
  • Other amusement and recreation activities n.e.c.
    ... or entrepreneurs of live events other than ARTS or sports events, with or without ...
    Class 9329