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  • Manufacture of consumer electronics
    ... class includes the manufacture of electronic AUDIO and video equipment for home entertainment, ...
    Class 2640
  • Manufacture of magnetic and optical media
    ... class includes: - manufacture of blank magnetic AUDIO and video tapes - manufacture of blank magnetic ...
    Class 2680
  • Wholesale of other household goods
    ... magnifying glasses) - wholesale of recorded AUDIO and video tapes, CDs, DVDs - wholesale of ...
    Class 4649
  • Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts
    ... of printed circuits - wholesale of blank AUDIO and video tapes and diskettes, magnetic and ...
    Class 4652
  • Retail sale of AUDIO and video equipment in specialized stores

    Class 4742
  • Retail sale of music and video recordings in specialized stores
    ... includes: - retail sale of musical records, AUDIO tapes, compact discs and cassettes - retail sale ...
    Class 4762
  • Information and communication
    ... forms of publishing (in print, electronic or AUDIO form, on the internet, as multimedia products ...
    Section J
  • Publishing activities
    ... forms of publishing (in print, electronic or AUDIO form, on the Internet, as multimedia products ...
    Division 58
  • Book publishing
    ... electronic (CD, electronic displays etc. ) or AUDIO form or on the Internet. This class includes: - ...
    Class 5811
  • Sound recording and music publishing activities
    ... of taped (i. e. non-live) radio programming, AUDIO for film, television etc. - music publishing, ...
    Class 5920
  • Radio broadcasting
    ... class includes: - broadcasting AUDIO signals through radio broadcasting studios and facilities for ...
    Class 6010