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  • Manufacture of wiring devices
    ... fitting - manufacture of transmission pole and LINE hardware - manufacture of plastic non ...
    Class 2733
  • Construction of utility projects
    ... class includes the construction of distribution LINEs and related buildings and structures that are ...
    Class 4220
  • Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
    ... and bicycles - wholesale of production-LINE robots - wholesale of wires and switches and ...
    Class 4659
  • Other retail sale in non-specialized stores
    ... of department stores carrying a general LINE of goods, including wearing apparel, furniture, ...
    Class 4719
  • Retail sale of other goods in specialized stores
    ... sale in specialized stores carrying a particular LINE of products not included in other parts of the ...
    Group 477
  • Transport via railways
    ... freight using railroad rolling stock on mainLINE networks, usually spread over an extensive ...
    Group 491
  • Freight rail transport
    ... class includes: - freight transport on mainLINE rail networks as well as short-LINE freight ...
    Class 4912
  • Water transport
    ... operation of towing or pushing boats, excursion, CRUISE or sightseeing boats, ferries, water taxis etc. ...
    Division 50
  • Sea and coastal passenger water transport
    ... scheduled or not: . operation of excursion, CRUISE or sightseeing boats . operation of ferries, ...
    Class 5011
  • Other publishing activities
    ... class includes: - publishing (including on-line) of: . catalogs . photos, engravings and ...
    Class 5819
  • Activities of employment placement agencies
    ... theatrical casting agencies - activities of on-LINE employment placement ...
    Class 7810
  • Activities of business and employers membership organizations
    ... and prosperity of enterprises in a particular LINE of business or trade, including farming, or on ...
    Class 9411