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  • Support services to forestry
    ... forest management consulting services . timber EVALUATION . forest fire fighting and protection . forest ...
    Class 0240
  • Construction
    ... according to its operational activity, i. e. real ESTATE, manufacturing ...
    Section F
  • Accommodation and food service activities
    ... primary residences, which is classified in Real ESTATE activities (section L). Also excluded is the ...
    Section I
  • Accommodation
    ... on a monthly or annual basis classified in Real ESTATE (section ...
    Division 55
  • Risk and damage evaluation
    ... adjusting . risk assessing . risk and damage EVALUATION . average and loss adjusting - settling ...
    Class 6621
  • Real ESTATE activities
    ... or more of the following: selling or buying real ESTATE, renting real ESTATE, providing other real ...
    Section L
  • Real ESTATE activities

    Division 68
  • Real ESTATE activities with own or leased property

    Group 681
  • Real ESTATE activities with own or leased property
    ... and operating of self-owned or leased real ESTATE, such as: . apartment buildings and dwellings . ...
    Class 6810
  • Real ESTATE activities on a fee or contract basis

    Group 682
  • Real ESTATE activities on a fee or contract basis
    ... class includes the provision of real ESTATE activities on a fee or contract basis including real ...
    Class 6820
  • Photographic activities
    ... for commercials, publishers, fashion, real ESTATE or tourism purposes . aerial photography . ...
    Class 7420
  • Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
    ... professional practices, but not including real ESTATE brokerage - patent brokerage activities ...
    Class 7490
  • Rental and leasing activities
    ... activities (see class 6491), renting of real ESTATE (see section L) and the renting of equipment ...
    Division 77
  • Leasing of intellectual property and similar products, except copyrighted works
    ... marks . brand names . mineral exploration and EVALUATION . franchise ...
    Class 7740
  • Educational support activities
    ... counseling services . educational testing EVALUATION services . educational testing services . ...
    Class 8550