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  • Financial and insurance activities
    ... section also includes the activities of HOLDING assets, such as activities of HOLDING companies ...
    Section K
  • Central banking
    ... institutions - supervising banking operations - HOLDING the country's international reserves - acting as ...
    Class 6411
  • Activities of HOLDING companies

    Group 642
  • Activities of HOLDING companies
    ... class includes the activities of HOLDING companies, i. e. units that hold the assets (owning ...
    Class 6420
  • Trusts, funds and similar financial entities
    ... portfolios are customized to achieve specific INVESTMENT characteristics, such as diversification, risk, ...
    Class 6430
  • Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding activities, n.e.c.
    ... of viatical settlement companies - own-account INVESTMENT activities, such as by venture capital ...
    Class 6499
  • Other activities auxiliary to financial service activities
    ... including for credit card transactions - INVESTMENT advisory services - activities of mortgage ...
    Class 6619
  • Fund management activities
    ... management of mutual funds - management of other INVESTMENT ...
    Class 6630