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  • Other transportation support activities
    ... of goods and grouping of consignments) - LOGISTICS activities, i. e. planning, designing and ...
    Class 5229
  • News AGENCY activities
    ... class includes: - news syndicate and news AGENCY activities furnishing news, pictures and features ...
    Class 6391
  • Trusts, funds and similar financial entities
    ... closed-end investment funds - trusts, estates or AGENCY accounts, administered on behalf of the ...
    Class 6430
  • Temporary employment AGENCY activities

    Group 782
  • Temporary employment AGENCY activities

    Class 7820
  • Travel AGENCY, tour operator, reservation service and related activities

    Division 79
  • Travel AGENCY and tour operator activities

    Group 791
  • Travel AGENCY activities

    Class 7911
  • Office administrative and support activities
    ... keeping, personnel and physical distribution and LOGISTICS for others on a contract or fee basis. This ...
    Group 821
  • Combined office administrative service activities
    ... and physical distribution (mail services) and LOGISTICS for others on a contract or fee ...
    Class 8211
  • Defence activities
    ... forces of the defence establishment . military LOGISTICS (provision of equipment, structures, supplies ...
    Class 8422