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  • Printing and reproduction of recorded media
    ... or non-impact printing). Though printing and PUBLISHING can be carried out by the same unit (a ... ... periodicals, business forms, greeting cards, and OTHER materials, and associated support activities, ...
    Division 18
  • Information and communication
    ... activities and the processing of data and OTHER information service activities. The main ... ... main components of this section are PUBLISHING activities (division 58), including software ...
    Section J
  • Publishing activities
    ... and periodicals; directory and mailing list and OTHER publishing, as well as software ... ... division includes the PUBLISHING of books, brochures, leaflets, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, atlases, ...
    Division 58
  • Publishing of books, periodicals and OTHER PUBLISHING activities
    ... group includes activities of PUBLISHING books, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, directories ... ... of publishing books, newspapers, magazines and OTHER periodicals, directories and mailing lists, and ...
    Group 581
  • Book publishing
    ... class includes the activities of PUBLISHING books in print, electronic (CD, electronic displays etc. ) or ...
    Class 5811
  • Publishing of directories and mailing lists
    ... class includes the PUBLISHING of lists of facts/information (databases) that are protected in their ... ... publishing of telephone books - publishing of OTHER directories and compilations, such as case law, ...
    Class 5812
  • Publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals
    ... class includes: - PUBLISHING of newspapers, including advertising newspapers - PUBLISHING of periodicals ... ... newspapers - publishing of periodicals and OTHER journals, including publishing of radio and ...
    Class 5813
  • Other PUBLISHING activities
    ... class includes: - PUBLISHING (including on-line) of: . catalogs . photos, engravings and postcards . ... ... of works of art . advertising material . OTHER printed matter - on-line publishing of ...
    Class 5819
  • Software publishing

    Group 582
  • Software publishing
    ... class includes: - PUBLISHING of ready-made (non-customized) software: . operating systems . business and ... ... software: . operating systems . business and OTHER applications . computer games for all ...
    Class 5820
  • Motion picture, video and television programme production, sound recording and music PUBLISHING activities
    ... etc. ; distribution of motion pictures and OTHER film productions to OTHER industries; as well as ... ... releasing, promoting and distributing them, PUBLISHING of music as well as sound recording service ...
    Division 59
  • Sound recording and music PUBLISHING activities

    Group 592
  • Sound recording and music PUBLISHING activities
    ... audio for film, television etc. - music PUBLISHING, i. e. activities of: . acquiring and registering ... ... motion pictures, live performances, print and OTHER media . distributing sound recordings to ...
    Class 5920
  • Photocopying, document preparation and OTHER specialized office support activities
    ... - typing, word processing, or desktop PUBLISHING - secretarial support services - transcription ... ... services - transcription of documents, and OTHER secretarial services - letter or resume writing ...
    Class 8219