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  • Manufacture of articles of CONCRETE, cement and plaster
    ... class includes: - manufacture of precast CONCRETE, cement or artificial stone articles for use in ...
    Class 2395
  • Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction
    ... washing, crushing etc. - manufacture of CONCRETE and mortar mixers - manufacture of earth-moving ...
    Class 2824
  • Manufacture of motor vehicles
    ... travelling libraries, armoured cars etc. . CONCRETE-mixer lorries - ATVs, go-carts and similar ...
    Class 2910
  • Manufacture of furniture
    ... related products of any material except stone, CONCRETE and ceramic. The processes used in the ...
    Division 31
  • Manufacture of furniture
    ... of any kind, any material (except stone, CONCRETE or ceramic) for any place and various ...
    Class 3100
  • Specialized construction activities
    ... as pile driving, foundation work, carcass work, CONCRETE work, brick laying, stone setting, scaffolding, ...
    Division 43
  • Building completion and finishing
    ... or other construction projects of: . ceramic, CONCRETE or cut stone wall or floor tiles, ceramic stove ...
    Class 4330