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  • Plant propagation
    ... plant propagation or to create plant grafting STOCK into which selected scion is grafted for ...
    Class 0130
  • Manufacture of communication equipment
    ... telephones - manufacture of private branch EXCHANGE (PBX) equipment - manufacture of telephone and ...
    Class 2630
  • Manufacture of other transport equipment
    ... the manufacture of railroad rolling STOCK and locomotives, air and spacecraft and the ...
    Division 30
  • Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock

    Group 302
  • Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock
    ... manufacture of railway or tramway rolling STOCK, not self-propelled: . passenger coaches, goods ...
    Class 3020
  • Transport via railways
    ... passengers and/or freight using railroad rolling STOCK on mainline networks, usually spread over an ...
    Group 491
  • Freight transport by road
    ... operations by road: . logging haulage . STOCK haulage . refrigerated haulage . heavy haulage . ...
    Class 4923
  • Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities
    ... class also includes: - activities of STOCK footage film libraries ...
    Class 5912
  • Activities auxiliary to financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding
    ... of facilitating the buying and selling of STOCKs, STOCK options, bonds or commodity ...
    Group 661
  • Administration of financial markets
    ... authorities, such as: . commodity contracts EXCHANGEs . futures commodity contracts EXCHANGEs . ... ... contracts exchanges . securities exchanges . STOCK exchanges . STOCK or commodity options ...
    Class 6611
  • Security and commodity contracts brokerage
    ... in financial markets on behalf of others (e. g. STOCK broking) and related activities - securities ...
    Class 6612
  • Other reservation service and related activities
    ... and sport etc. - provision of time-share EXCHANGE services - ticket sales activities for ...
    Class 7990
  • Educational support activities
    ... testing services . organization of student EXCHANGE ...
    Class 8550
  • Library and archives activities
    ... order to comply with information requests etc. - STOCK photo libraries and ...
    Class 9101