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  • Trusts, funds and similar financial entities
    ... investment funds - closed-end investment funds - TRUSTs, estates or agency accounts, administered on ...
    Class 6430
  • Legal and accounting activities
    ... and copyrights, preparation of deeds, wills, TRUSTs, etc. as well as other activities of notaries ... ... or similar documents in connection with COMPANY formation, patents and copyrights, preparation ...
    Division 69
  • Legal activities
    ... and copyrights . preparation of deeds, wills, TRUSTs etc. - other activities of notaries public, ... ... or similar documents in connection with COMPANY formation . patents and copyrights . preparation ...
    Class 6910
  • Activities of head offices; management consultancy activities
    ... and managing of other units of the same COMPANY or enterprise, i. e. the activities of head ...
    Division 70
  • Activities of head offices
    ... overseeing and managing of other units of the COMPANY or enterprise; undertaking the strategic or ...
    Class 7010