SIC Activities related with *covered*

In this page we have a complete list of SIC Activities and their Codes related with the term covered

covered: SIC Codes

There are 11 Economic Activities in all levels that containg the word "COVERED" in their name or detailed description. Have you that what you are searching for?

  • Class 1394
    Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting
    This class includes:
    ~ manufacture of twine, cordage, rope and cables of textile fibres or strip or the like, whether or not impregnated, coated, COVERED or sheathed with rubber or plastics
    ~ manufacture of knotted netting of twine, cordage or rope
    ~ manufacture of products of rope or netting: fishing nets, ships' fenders, unloading cushions, loading slings, rope or cable fitted with metal rings etc.

  • Class 1399
    Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c.
    This class includes all activities related to the manufacture of textiles or textile products, not specified elsewhere in division 13 or 14, involving a large number of processes and a great variety of goods produced.

    This class includes:
    ~ manufacture of narrow woven fabrics, including fabrics consisting of warp without weft assembled by means of an adhesive
    ~ manufacture of labels, badges etc.
    ~ manufacture of ornamental trimmings: braids, tassels, pompons etc.
    ~ manufacture of felt
    ~ manufacture of tulles and other net fabrics, and of lace and embroidery, in the piece, in strips or in motifs
    ~ manufacture of fabrics impregnated, coated, COVERED or laminated with plastics
    ~ manufacture of metallized yarn or gimped yarn, rubber thread and cord COVERED with textile material, textile yarn or strip COVERED, impregnated, coated or sheathed with rubber or plastics
    ~ manufacture of tyre cord fabric of high-tenacity man-made yarn
    ~ manufacture of other treated or coated fabrics: tracing cloth, canvas prepared for use by painters, buckram and similar stiffened textile fabrics, fabrics coated with gum or amylaceous substances
    ~ manufacture of diverse textile articles: textile wicks, incandescent gas mantles and tubular gas mantle fabric, hosepiping, transmission or conveyor belts or belting (whether or not reinforced with metal or other material), bolting cloth, straining cloth
    ~ manufacture of automotive trimmings
    ~ manufacture of pressure sensitive cloth-tape
    ~ manufacture of artists' canvas boards and tracing cloth
    ~ manufacture of shoe-lace, of textiles
    ~ manufacture of powder puffs and mitts

  • Class 2023
    Manufacture of soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations, perfumes and toilet preparations
    This class includes:
    ~ manufacture of organic surface-active agents
    ~ manufacture of soap
    ~ manufacture of paper, wadding, felt etc. coated or COVERED with soap or detergent
    ~ manufacture of crude glycerol
    ~ manufacture of surface-active preparations:
    ~ washing powders in solid or liquid form and detergents
    ~ dish-washing preparations
    ~ textile softeners
    ~ manufacture of cleaning and polishing products:
    ~ preparations for perfuming or deodorizing rooms
    ~ artificial waxes and prepared waxes
    ~ polishes and creams for leather
    ~ polishes and creams for wood
    ~ polishes for coachwork, glass and metal
    ~ scouring pastes and powders, including paper, wadding etc. coated or COVERED with these
    ~ manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations:
    ~ perfumes and toilet water
    ~ beauty and make-up preparations
    ~ sunburn prevention and suntan preparations
    ~ manicure and pedicure preparations
    ~ shampoos, hair lacquers, waving and straightening preparations
    ~ dentifrices and preparations for oral hygiene, including denture fixative preparations
    ~ shaving preparations, including pre-shave and aftershave preparations
    ~ deodorants and bath salts
    ~ depilatories

  • Class 2219
    Manufacture of other rubber products
    This class includes:
    ~ manufacture of other products of natural or synthetic rubber, unvulcanized, vulcanized or hardened:
    ~ rubber plates, sheets, strip, rods, profile shapes
    ~ tubes, pipes and hoses
    ~ rubber conveyor or transmission belts or belting
    ~ rubber hygienic articles: sheath contraceptives, teats, hot water bottles etc.
    ~ rubber articles of apparel (if only sealed together, not sewn)
    ~ rubber thread and rope
    ~ rubberized yarn and fabrics
    ~ rubber rings, fittings and seals
    ~ rubber roller coverings
    ~ inflatable rubber mattresses
    ~ inflatable balloons
    ~ manufacture of rubber brushes
    ~ manufacture of hard rubber pipe stems
    ~ manufacture of hard rubber combs, hair pins, hair rollers, and similar

    This class also includes:
    ~ manufacture of rubber repair materials
    ~ manufacture of textile fabric impregnated, coated, COVERED or laminated with rubber, where rubber is the chief constituent
    ~ manufacture of rubber waterbed mattresses
    ~ manufacture of rubber bathing caps and aprons
    ~ manufacture of rubber wet suits and diving suits
    ~ manufacture of rubber sex articles

  • Class 3319
    Repair of other equipment
    This class includes the repair and maintenance of equipment not COVERED in other groups of this division.

    This class includes:
    ~ repair of fishing nets, including mending
    ~ repair or ropes, riggings, canvas and tarps
    ~ repair of fertilizer and chemical storage bags
    ~ repair or reconditioning of wooden pallets, shipping drums or barrels, and similar items
    ~ repair of pinball machines and other coin-operated games
    ~ restoring of organs and other historical musical instruments

  • Class 8292
    Packaging activities
    This class includes:
    ~ packaging activities on a fee or contract basis, whether or not these involve an automated process:
    ~ bottling of liquids, including beverages and food
    ~ packaging of solids (blister packaging, foil COVERED,etc.)
    ~ security packaging of pharmaceutical preparations
    ~ labeling, stamping and imprinting
    ~ parcel-packing and gift-wrapping

  • Class 9311
    Operation of sports facilities
    This class includes:
    ~ operation of facilities for indoor or outdoor sports events (open, closed or COVERED, with or without spectator seating):
    ~ football, hockey, cricket, baseball, jai-alai stadiums
    ~ racetracks for auto, dog, horse races
    ~ swimming pools and stadiums
    ~ track and field stadiums
    ~ winter sports arenas and stadiums
    ~ ice-hockey arenas
    ~ boxing arenas
    ~ golf courses
    ~ bowling lanes
    ~ fitness centers
    ~ organization and operation of outdoor or indoor sports events for professionals or amateurs by organizations with own facilities

    This class includes managing and providing the staff to operate these facilities.

  • Division 13
    Manufacture of textiles
    This division includes preparation and spinning of textile fibres as well as textile weaving, finishing of textiles and wearing apparel, manufacture of made-up textile articles, except apparel (e.g. household linen, blankets, rugs, cordage etc.). Growing of natural fibres is COVERED under division 01, while manufacture of synthetic fibres is a chemical process classified in class 2030. Manufacture of wearing apparel is COVERED in division 14.
  • Division 32
    Other manufacturing
    This division includes the manufacture of a variety of goods not COVERED in other parts of the classification. Since this is a residual division, production processes, input materials and use of the produced goods can vary widely and usual criteria for grouping classes into divisions have not been applied here.
  • Division 28
    Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
    This division includes the manufacture of machinery and equipment that act independently on materials either mechanically or thermally or perform operations on materials (such as handling, spraying, weighing or packing), including their mechanical components that produce and apply force, and any specially manufactured primary parts. This includes the manufacture of fixed and mobile or hand-held devices, regardless of whether they are designed for industrial, building and civil engineering, agricultural or home use. The manufacture of special equipment for passenger or freight transport within demarcated premises also belongs within this division.
    This division distinguishes between the manufacture of special-purpose machinery, i.e. machinery for exclusive use in an ISIC industry or a small cluster of ISIC industries, and general-purpose machinery, i.e. machinery that is being used in a wide range of ISIC industries.
    This division also includes the manufacture of other special-purpose machinery, not COVERED elsewhere in the classification, whether or not used in a manufacturing process, such as fairground amusement equipment, automatic bowling alley equipment, etc.

    This division excludes the manufacture of metal products for general use (division 25), associated control devices, computer equipment, measurement and testing equipment, electricity distribution and control apparatus (divisions 26 and 27) and general-purpose motor vehicles (divisions 29 and 30).

  • Section S
    Other service activities
    This section (as a residual category) includes the activities of membership organizations, the repair of computers and personal and household goods and a variety of personal service activities not COVERED elsewhere in the classification.