SIC Activities related with *freight*

In this page we have a complete list of SIC Activities and their Codes related with the term freight

freight: SIC Codes

There are 19 Economic Activities in all levels that containg the word "FREIGHT" in their name or detailed description. Have you that what you are searching for?

  • Class 4912
    Freight rail transport
    This class includes:
    ~ FREIGHT transport on mainline rail networks as well as short-line FREIGHT railroads

  • Class 4923
    Freight transport by road
    This class includes:
    ~ all FREIGHT transport operations by road:
    ~ logging haulage
    ~ stock haulage
    ~ refrigerated haulage
    ~ heavy haulage
    ~ bulk haulage, including haulage in tanker trucks
    ~ haulage of automobiles
    ~ transport of waste and waste materials, without collection or disposal

    This class also includes:
    ~ furniture removal
    ~ renting of trucks with driver
    ~ FREIGHT transport by man or animal-drawn vehicles

  • Class 5012
    Sea and coastal FREIGHT water transport
    This class includes:
    ~ transport of FREIGHT over seas and coastal waters, whether scheduled or not
    ~ transport by towing or pushing of barges, oil rigs etc.

  • Class 5022
    Inland FREIGHT water transport
    This class includes:
    ~ transport of FREIGHT via rivers, canals, lakes and other inland waterways, including inside harbours and ports

  • Class 5120
    Freight air transport
    This class includes:
    ~ transport FREIGHT by air over regular routes and on regular schedules
    ~ non-scheduled transport of FREIGHT by air
    ~ launching of satellites and space vehicles
    ~ space transport

    This class also includes:
    ~ renting of air-transport equipment with operator for the purpose of FREIGHT transportation

  • Class 5224
    Cargo handling
    This class includes:
    ~ loading and unloading of goods or passengers' luggage irrespective of the mode of transport used for transportation
    ~ stevedoring
    ~ loading and unloading of FREIGHT railway cars

  • Class 5229
    Other transportation support activities
    This class includes:
    ~ forwarding of freight
    ~ arranging or organizing of transport operations by rail, road, sea or air
    ~ organization of group and individual consignments (including pickup and delivery of goods and grouping of consignments)
    ~ logistics activities, i.e. planning, designing and supporting operations of transportation, warehousing and distribution
    ~ issue and procurement of transport documents and waybills
    ~ activities of customs agents
    ~ activities of sea FREIGHT,forwarders and air-cargo agents
    ~ brokerage for ship and aircraft space
    ~ goods-handling operations, e.g. temporary crating for the sole purpose of protecting the goods during transit, uncrating, sampling, weighing of goods

  • Class 7490
    Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
    This class includes a great variety of service activities generally delivered to commercial clients. It includes those activities for which more advanced professional, scientific and technical skill levels are required, but does not include ongoing, routine business functions that are generally of short duration.

    This class includes:
    ~ translation and interpretation activities
    ~ business brokerage activities, i.e. arranging for the purchase and sale of small and medium-sized businesses, including professional practices, but not including real estate brokerage
    ~ patent brokerage activities (arranging for the purchase and sale of patents)
    ~ appraisal activities other than for real estate and insurance (for antiques, jewellery, etc.)
    ~ bill auditing and FREIGHT rate information
    ~ activities of quantity surveyors
    ~ weather forecasting activities
    ~ security consulting
    ~ agronomy consulting
    ~ environmental consulting
    ~ other technical consulting
    ~ activities of consultants other than architecture, engineering and management consultants

    This class also includes:
    ~ activities carried on by agents and agencies on behalf of individuals usually involving the obtaining of engagements in motion picture, theatrical production or other entertainment or sports attractions and the placement of books, plays, artworks, photographs etc., with publishers, producers etc.

  • Group 491
    Transport via railways
    This group includes rail transportation of passengers and/or FREIGHT using railroad rolling stock on mainline networks, usually spread over an extensive geographic area. Freight rail transport over short-line FREIGHT railroads is included here.
  • Group 501
    Sea and coastal water transport
    This group includes the transport of passengers or FREIGHT on vessels designed for operating on sea or coastal waters. Also included is the transport of passengers or FREIGHT on great lakes etc. when similar types of vessels are used.

  • Group 502
    Inland water transport
    This group includes the transport of passengers or FREIGHT on inland waters, involving vessels that are not suitable for sea transport.
  • Group 512
    Freight air transport
    See class 5120.
  • Group 522
    Support activities for transportation
    This group includes activities supporting the transport of passengers or FREIGHT, such as operation of parts of the transport infrastructure or activities related to handling FREIGHT immediately before or after transport or between transport segments. The operation and maintenance of all transport facilities is included.
  • Division 28
    Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
    This division includes the manufacture of machinery and equipment that act independently on materials either mechanically or thermally or perform operations on materials (such as handling, spraying, weighing or packing), including their mechanical components that produce and apply force, and any specially manufactured primary parts. This includes the manufacture of fixed and mobile or hand-held devices, regardless of whether they are designed for industrial, building and civil engineering, agricultural or home use. The manufacture of special equipment for passenger or FREIGHT transport within demarcated premises also belongs within this division.
    This division distinguishes between the manufacture of special-purpose machinery, i.e. machinery for exclusive use in an ISIC industry or a small cluster of ISIC industries, and general-purpose machinery, i.e. machinery that is being used in a wide range of ISIC industries.
    This division also includes the manufacture of other special-purpose machinery, not covered elsewhere in the classification, whether or not used in a manufacturing process, such as fairground amusement equipment, automatic bowling alley equipment, etc.

    This division excludes the manufacture of metal products for general use (division 25), associated control devices, computer equipment, measurement and testing equipment, electricity distribution and control apparatus (divisions 26 and 27) and general-purpose motor vehicles (divisions 29 and 30).

  • Division 29
    Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
    This division includes the manufacture of motor vehicles for transporting passengers or FREIGHT. The manufacture of various parts and accessories, as well as the manufacture of trailers and semi-trailers, is included here.
    The maintenance and repair of vehicles produced in this division are classified in 4520.

  • Division 49
    Land transport and transport via pipelines
    This division includes the transport of passengers and FREIGHT via road and rail, as well as FREIGHT transport via pipelines.
  • Division 50
    Water transport
    This division includes the transport of passengers or FREIGHT over water, whether scheduled or not. Also included are the operation of towing or pushing boats, excursion, cruise or sightseeing boats, ferries, water taxis etc. Although the location is an indicator for the separation between sea and inland water transport, the deciding factor is the type of vessel used. All transport on sea-going vessels is classified in group 501, while transport using other vessels is classified in group 502.

    This division excludes restaurant and bar activities on board ships (see class 5610, 5630), if carried out by separate units.

  • Division 51
    Air transport
    This division includes the transport of passengers or FREIGHT by air or via space.

    This division excludes the repair of aircraft or aircraft engines (see class 3315) and support activities, such as the operation of airports, (see class 5223). This division also excludes activities that make use of aircraft, but not for the purpose of transportation, such as crop spraying (see class 0161), aerial advertising (see class 7310) or aerial photography (see class 7420).

  • Section H
    Transportation and storage
    This section includes the provision of passenger or FREIGHT transport, whether scheduled or not, by rail, pipeline, road, water or air and associated activities such as terminal and parking facilities, cargo handling, storage etc. Included in this section is the renting of transport equipment with driver or operator. Also included are postal and courier activities.

    This section excludes maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and other transportation equipment (see classes 4520 and 3315, respectively), the construction, maintenance and repair of roads, railroads, harbours, airfields (see classes 4210 and 4290), as well as the renting of transport equipment without driver or operator (see classes 7710 and 7730).