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Economic Activities for music

There are 13 Economic Activities in all levels that containg the word "MUSIC" in their name or detailed description. Have you that what you are searching for?

  • Class 1811
    This class includes:
    ~ printing of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, books and brochures, MUSIC and MUSIC manuscripts, maps, atlases, posters, advertising catalogues, prospectuses and other printed advertising, postage stamps, taxation stamps, documents of title, cheques and other security papers, diaries, calendars, business forms and other commercial printed matter, personal stationery and other printed matter by letterpress, offset, photogravure, flexographic and other printing presses, duplication machines, computer printers, embossers etc., including quick printing
    ~ printing directly onto textiles, plastic, glass, metal, wood and ceramics

    The material printed is typically copyrighted.

    This class also includes:
    ~ printing on labels or tags (lithographic, gravure printing, flexographic printing, other)

  • Class 1820
    Reproduction of recorded media
    This class includes:
    ~ reproduction from master copies of gramophone records, compact discs and tapes with MUSIC or other sound recordings
    ~ reproduction from master copies of records, compact discs and tapes with motion pictures and other video recordings
    ~ reproduction from master copies of software and data on discs and tapes

  • Class 4762
    Retail sale of MUSIC and video recordings in specialized stores
    This class includes:
    ~ retail sale of musical records, audio tapes, compact discs and cassettes
    ~ retail sale of video tapes and DVDs

    This class also includes:
    ~ retail sale of blank tapes and discs

  • Class 4789
    Retail sale via stalls and markets of other goods
    This class includes:
    ~ retail sale of other goods via stalls or markets, such as:
    ~ carpets and rugs
    ~ books
    ~ games and toys
    ~ household appliances and consumer electronics
    ~ MUSIC and video recordings

  • Class 5920
    Sound recording and MUSIC publishing activities
    This class includes:
    ~ production of original (sound) master recordings, such as tapes, CDs
    ~ sound recording service activities in a studio or elsewhere, including the production of taped (i.e. non-live) radio programming, audio for film, television etc.
    ~ MUSIC publishing, i.e. activities of:
    ~ acquiring and registering copyrights for musical compositions
    ~ promoting, authorizing and using these compositions in recordings, radio, television, motion pictures, live performances, print and other media
    ~ distributing sound recordings to wholesalers, retailers or directly to the public

    Units engaged in these activities may own the copyright or act as administrator of the MUSIC copyrights on behalf of the copyright owners.

    This class also includes:
    ~ publishing of MUSIC and sheet books

  • Class 8510
    Pre-primary and primary education
    This class includes the provision of instruction designed primarily to introduce very young children to a school-type environment and instruction that gives students a sound basic education in reading, writing and mathematics along with an elementary understanding of other subjects such as history, geography, natural science, social science, art and MUSIC. Such education is generally provided for children, however the provision of literacy programmes within or outside the school system, which are similar in content to programmes in primary education but are intended for those considered too old to enter elementary schools, is also included. Also included is the provision of programmes at a similar level, suited to children with special needs education. Education can be provided in classrooms or through radio, television broadcast, Internet, correspondence or at home.

    This class includes:
    ~ pre-primary education
    ~ primary education

    This class also includes:
    ~ special education for handicapped students at this level
    ~ provision of literacy programmes for adults

  • Class 8542
    Cultural education
    This class includes provision of instruction in the arts, drama and MUSIC. Units giving this type of instructions might be named schools, studios, classes, etc. They provide formally organized instruction, mainly for hobby, recreational or self-development purposes, but such instruction does not lead to a professional diploma, baccalaureate or graduate degree.

    This class includes:
    ~ piano teachers and other MUSIC instruction
    ~ art instruction
    ~ dance instruction and dance studios
    ~ drama schools (except academic)
    ~ fine arts schools (except academic)
    ~ performing arts schools (except academic)
    ~ photography schools (except commercial)

  • Class 9499
    Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c.
    This class includes:
    ~ activities of organizations not directly affiliated to a political party furthering a public cause or issue by means of public education, political influence, fund-raising etc.:
    ~ citizens initiative or protest movements
    ~ environmental and ecological movements
    ~ organizations supporting community and educational facilities n.e.c.
    ~ organizations for the protection and betterment of special groups, e.g. ethnic and minority groups
    ~ associations for patriotic purposes, including war veterans' associations
    ~ consumer associations
    ~ automobile associations
    ~ associations for the purpose of social acquaintanceship such as rotary clubs, lodges etc.
    ~ associations of youth, young persons' associations, student associations, clubs and fraternities etc.
    ~ associations for the pursuit of a cultural or recreational activity or hobby (other than sports or games), e.g. poetry, literature and book clubs, historical clubs, gardening clubs, film and photo clubs, MUSIC and art clubs, craft and collectors' clubs, social clubs, carnival clubs etc.

    This class also includes:
    ~ grant giving activities by membership organizations or others

  • Group 476
    Retail sale of cultural and recreation goods in specialized stores
    This group includes the retail sale in specialized stores of cultural and recreation goods, such as books, newspapers, MUSIC and video recordings, sporting equipment, games and toys.
  • Group 592
    Sound recording and MUSIC publishing activities
    See class 5920.

  • Group 854
    Other education
    This group includes general continuing education and continuing vocational education and training for any profession. Instruction may be oral or written and may be provided in classrooms or by radio, television, Internet, correspondence or other means of communication. This group also includes the provision of instruction in athletic activities to groups or individuals, foreign language instruction, instruction in the arts, drama or MUSIC or other instruction or specialized training, not comparable to the education in groups 851 - 853.
  • Division 59
    Motion picture, video and television programme production, sound recording and MUSIC publishing activities
    This division includes production of theatrical and non-theatrical motion pictures whether on film, videotape or disc for direct projection in theatres or for broadcasting on television; supporting activities such as film editing, cutting, dubbing etc.; distribution of motion pictures and other film productions to other industries; as well as motion picture or other film productions projection. Also included is the buying and selling of distribution rights for motion pictures or other film productions.
    This division also includes the sound recording activities, i.e. production of original sound master recordings, releasing, promoting and distributing them, publishing of MUSIC as well as sound recording service activities in a studio or elsewhere.

  • Division 93
    Sports activities and amusement and recreation activities
    This division includes the provision of recreational, amusement and sports activities (except museums activities, preservation of historical sites, botanical and zoological gardens and nature reserves activities; and gambling and betting activities).

    Excluded from this division are dramatic arts, MUSIC and other arts and entertainment such as the production of live theatrical presentations, concerts and opera or dance productions and other stage productions, see division 90.