SIC Activities for the term residential

Here you have a list of Economic Activities and their SIC Code related with the term residential

SIC Codes containing residential

There are 17 Economic Activities in all levels that containg the word "RESIDENTIAL" in their name or detailed description. Have you that what you are searching for?

  • Class 4100
    Construction of buildings
    This class includes the construction of complete RESIDENTIAL or non RESIDENTIAL,buildings, on own account for sale or on a fee or contract basis. Outsourcing parts or even the whole construction process is possible. If only specialized parts of the construction process are carried out, the activity is classified in division 43.

    This class includes:
    ~ construction of all types of RESIDENTIAL buildings:
    ~ single-family houses
    ~ multi-family buildings, including high-rise buildings
    ~ construction of all types of non RESIDENTIAL,buildings:
    ~ buildings for industrial production, e.g. factories, workshops, assembly plants etc.
    ~ hospitals, schools, office buildings
    ~ hotels, stores, shopping malls, restaurants
    ~ airport buildings
    ~ indoor sports facilities
    ~ parking garages, including underground parking garages
    ~ warehouses
    ~ religious buildings
    ~ assembly and erection of prefabricated constructions on the site

    This class also includes:
    ~ remodeling or renovating existing RESIDENTIAL structures

  • Class 4390
    Other specialized construction activities
    This class includes:
    ~ construction activities specializing in one aspect common to different kind of structures, requiring specialized skill or equipment:
    ~ construction of foundations, including pile driving
    ~ damp proofing and water proofing works
    ~ de-humidification of buildings
    ~ shaft sinking
    ~ erection of non-self-manufactured steel elements
    ~ steel bending
    ~ bricklaying and stone setting
    ~ roof covering for RESIDENTIAL buildings
    ~ scaffolds and work platform erecting and dismantling, excluding renting of scaffolds and work platforms
    ~ erection of chimneys and industrial ovens
    ~ work with specialist access requirements necessitating climbing skills and the use of related equipment, e.g. working at height on tall structures
    ~ subsurface work
    ~ construction of outdoor swimming pools
    ~ steam cleaning, sand blasting and similar activities for building exteriors
    ~ renting of cranes with operator

  • Class 8710
    Residential nursing care facilities
    This class includes:
    ~ activities of:
    ~ homes for the elderly with nursing care
    ~ convalescent homes
    ~ rest homes with nursing care
    ~ nursing care facilities
    ~ nursing homes

  • Class 6810
    Real estate activities with own or leased property
    This class includes:
    ~ buying, selling, renting and operating of self-owned or leased real estate, such as:
    ~ apartment buildings and dwellings
    ~ non RESIDENTIAL,buildings, including exhibition halls, self-storage facilities, malls and shopping centers
    ~ land
    ~ provision of homes and furnished or unfurnished flats or apartments for more permanent use, typically on a monthly or annual basis

    This class also includes:
    ~ development of building projects for own operation, i.e. for renting of space in these buildings
    ~ subdividing real estate into lots, without land improvement
    ~ operation of RESIDENTIAL mobile home sites

  • Class 8121
    General cleaning of buildings
    This class includes:
    ~ general (non-specialized) cleaning of all types of buildings, such as:
    ~ offices
    ~ houses or apartments
    ~ factories
    ~ shops
    ~ institutions
    ~ general (non-specialized) cleaning of other business and professional premises and multiunit RESIDENTIAL buildings

    These activities cover mostly interior cleaning although they may include the cleaning of associated exterior areas such as windows or passageways.

  • Class 8129
    Other building and industrial cleaning activities
    This class includes:
    ~ exterior cleaning of buildings of all types, including offices, factories, shops, institutions and other business and professional premises and multiunit RESIDENTIAL buildings
    ~ specialized cleaning activities for buildings such as window cleaning, chimney cleaning and cleaning of fireplaces, stoves, furnaces, incinerators, boilers, ventilation ducts and exhaust units
    ~ swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services
    ~ cleaning of industrial machinery
    ~ bottle cleaning
    ~ cleaning of trains, buses, planes, etc.
    ~ cleaning of the inside of road and sea tankers
    ~ disinfecting and exterminating activities
    ~ street sweeping and snow and ice removal
    ~ other building and industrial cleaning activities, n.e.c.

  • Class 8690
    Other human health activities
    This class includes:
    ~ activities for human health not performed by hospitals or by medical doctors or dentists:
    ~ activities of nurses, midwives, physiotherapists or other paramedical practitioners in the field of optometry, hydrotherapy, medical massage, occupational therapy, speech therapy, chiropody, homeopathy, chiropractice, acupuncture etc.
    These activities may be carried out in health clinics such as those attached to firms, schools, homes for the aged, labour organizations and fraternal organizations and in RESIDENTIAL health facilities other than hospitals, as well as in own consulting rooms, patients' homes or elsewhere. These activities do not involve medical treatment.

    This class also includes:
    ~ activities of dental paramedical personnel such as dental therapists, school dental nurses and dental hygienists, who may work remote from, but are periodically supervised by, the dentist
    ~ activities of medical laboratories such as:
    ~ X-ray laboratories and other diagnostic imaging centres
    ~ blood analysis laboratories
    ~ activities of blood banks, sperm banks, transplant organ banks etc.
    ~ ambulance transport of patients by any mode of transport including airplanes. These services are often provided during a medical emergency.

  • Class 8720
    Residential care activities for mental retardation, mental health and substance abuse
    This class includes the provision of RESIDENTIAL care (but not licensed hospital care) to people with mental retardation, mental illness, or substance abuse problems. Facilities provide room, board, protective supervision and counselling and some health care. It also includes provision of RESIDENTIAL care and treatment for patients with mental health and substance abuse illnesses.

    This class includes:
    ~ activities of:
    ~ facilities for treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction
    ~ psychiatric convalescent homes
    ~ RESIDENTIAL group homes for the emotionally disturbed
    ~ mental retardation facilities
    ~ mental health halfway houses

  • Class 8730
    Residential care activities for the elderly and disabled
    This class includes the provision of RESIDENTIAL and personal care services for the elderly and disabled who are unable to fully care for themselves and/or who do not desire to live independently. The care typically includes room, board, supervision, and assistance in daily living, such as housekeeping services. In some instances these units provide skilled nursing care for residents in separate on-site facilities.

    This class includes:
    ~ activities of:
    ~ assisted-living facilities
    ~ continuing care retirement communities
    ~ homes for the elderly with minimal nursing care
    ~ rest homes without nursing care

  • Class 8790
    Other RESIDENTIAL care activities
    This class includes the provision of RESIDENTIAL and personal care services for persons, except the elderly and disabled, who are unable to fully care for themselves or who do not desire to live independently.

    This class includes:
    ~ activities provided on a round-the-clock basis directed to provide social assistance to children and special categories of persons with some limits on ability for self-care, but where medical treatment or education are not important elements:
    ~ orphanages
    ~ children's boarding homes and hostels
    ~ temporary homeless shelters
    ~ institutions that take care of unmarried mothers and their children
    The activities may be carried out by public or private organizations.

    This class also includes:
    ~ activities of:
    ~ halfway group homes for persons with social or personal problems
    ~ halfway homes for delinquents and offenders
    ~ disciplinary camps

  • Group 871
    Residential nursing care facilities
    See class 8710.
  • Group 872
    Residential care activities for mental retardation, mental health and substance abuse
    See class 8720.
  • Group 873
    Residential care activities for the elderly and disabled
    See class 8730.
  • Group 879
    Other RESIDENTIAL care activities
    See class 8790.
  • Division 87
    Residential care activities
    This division includes the provision of RESIDENTIAL care combined with either nursing, supervisory or other types of care as required by the residents. Facilities are a significant part of the production process and the care provided is a mix of health and social services with the health services being largely some level of nursing services.
  • Section D
    Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
    This section includes the activity of providing electric power, natural gas, steam, hot water and the like through a permanent infrastructure (network) of lines, mains and pipes. The dimension of the network is not decisive; also included are the distribution of electricity, gas, steam, hot water and the like in industrial parks or RESIDENTIAL buildings.
    This section therefore includes the operation of electric and gas utilities, which generate, control and distribute electric power or gas. Also included is the provision of steam and air-conditioning supply.

    This section excludes the operation of water and sewerage utilities, see 36, 37. This section also excludes the (typically long-distance) transport of gas through pipelines.

  • Section Q
    Human health and social work activities
    This section includes the provision of health and social work activities. Activities include a wide range of activities, starting from health care provided by trained medical professionals in hospitals and other facilities, over RESIDENTIAL care activities that still involve a degree of health care activities to social work activities without any involvement of health care professionals.