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  • Mining support service activities
    ... typical services cover building oil and gas well FOUNDATIONS, cementing oil and gas well casings, cleaning, ...
    Division 09
  • Other specialized construction activities
    ... skill or equipment: . construction of FOUNDATIONS, including pile driving . damp proofing and ...
    Class 4390
  • Other monetary intermediation
    ... savings bank activities - credit granting for HOUSE purchase by specialized deposit-taking ...
    Class 6419
  • Other credit granting
    ... outside the banking system . credit granting for HOUSE purchase by specialized non-depository ...
    Class 6492
  • Scientific research and development
    ... to acquire new knowledge of the underlying FOUNDATIONS of phenomena and observable facts, without ...
    Division 72
  • Advertising
    ... range of advertising services (i. e. through in-HOUSE capabilities or subcontracting), including ...
    Class 7310
  • Renting and leasing of other personal and household goods
    ... class includes: - renting of all kinds of HOUSEhold or personal goods, to HOUSEholds or industries ...
    Class 7729