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  • Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles
    ... and accessories of bodies for motor vehicles: . SAFETY belts, airbags, doors, bumpers - manufacture of ...
    Class 2930
  • Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock
    ... of mechanical and electromechanical signalling, SAFETY and traffic control equipment for railways, ...
    Class 3020
  • Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies
    ... lenses ground to prescription, contact lenses, SAFETY ...
    Class 3250
  • Other manufacturing n.e.c.
    ... class includes: - manufacture of protective SAFETY equipment . manufacture of fire-resistant and ...
    Class 3290
  • Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy
    ... mechanical, industrial and systems engineering, SAFETY engineering . project management activities ...
    Class 7110
  • Technical testing and analysis
    ... containers, nuclear plants etc. - periodic road-SAFETY testing of motor vehicles - testing with use of ...
    Class 7120
  • Specialized design activities
    ... consideration human characteristics and needs, SAFETY, market appeal and efficiency in production, ...
    Class 7410
  • Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
    ... taxation, national defence, public order and SAFETY, immigration services, foreign affairs and the ...
    Section O
  • Provision of services to the community as a whole
    ... foreign affairs, defence and public order and SAFETY ...
    Group 842
  • Public order and SAFETY activities

    Class 8423