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  • Manufacture of wearing apparel
    ... clothing. Division 14 also includes the fur INDUSTRY (fur skins and wearing ...
    Division 14
  • Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
    ... to be used primarily in the construction INDUSTRY: . beams, rafters, roof struts . glue-laminated ...
    Class 1622
  • Printing and reproduction of recorded media
    ... here are an integral part of the printing INDUSTRY, and a product (a printing plate, a bound book, ...
    Division 18
  • Manufacture of refined petroleum products
    ... manufacture of products for the petrochemical INDUSTRY and for the manufacture of road coverings - ...
    Class 1920
  • Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
    ... of basic chemicals that constitute the first INDUSTRY group from the production of intermediate and ...
    Division 20
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
    ... i. e. machinery for exclusive use in an ISIC INDUSTRY or a small cluster of ISIC industries, and ...
    Division 28
  • Manufacture of special-purpose machinery
    ... i. e. machinery for exclusive use in an ISIC INDUSTRY or a small cluster of ISIC industries. While ...
    Group 282
  • Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing
    ... dryers - manufacture of machinery for the dairy INDUSTRY: . cream separators . milk processing machinery ...
    Class 2825
  • Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
    ... wholesale of other machinery n. e. c. for use in INDUSTRY, trade and navigation and other services This ...
    Class 4659
  • Other credit granting
    ... financing . provision of long-term finance to INDUSTRY by industrial banks . money lending outside the ...
    Class 6492
  • Undifferentiated goods-producing activities of private households for own use
    ... classified to the appropriate goods-producing INDUSTRY of ISIC. If households are principally engaged ...
    Class 9810