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  • Marine aquaculture
    ... aquaculture activities in salt water filled TANKS or reservoirs - operation of fish hatcheries ...
    Class 0321
  • Manufacture of plastics products
    ... frames, shutters, blinds, skirting boards . TANKS, reservoirs . plastic floor, wall or ceiling ...
    Class 2220
  • Manufacture of structural metal products, TANKS, reservoirs and steam generators
    ... container-type objects (such as reservoirs, TANKS, central heating boilers) and steam ...
    Group 251
  • Manufacture of TANKS, reservoirs and containers of metal
    ... class includes: - manufacture of reservoirs, TANKS and similar containers of metal, of types ...
    Class 2512
  • Building of ships and floating structures
    ... floating landing stages, buoys, floating TANKS, barges, lighters, floating cranes, ...
    Class 3011
  • Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery
    ... doors, control surfaces, landing gear, fuel TANKS, nacelles etc. . airscrews, helicopter rotors ...
    Class 3030
  • Manufacture of military fighting vehicles
    ... class includes: - manufacture of TANKS - manufacture of armored amphibious military vehicles - ...
    Class 3040
  • Repair of fabricated metal products
    ... 25. This class includes: - repair of metal TANKS, reservoirs and containers - repair and ...
    Class 3311
  • Sewerage
    ... etc. ) - emptying and cleaning of cesspools and SEPTIC tanks, sinks and pits from sewage; servicing of ... ... water by means of sewerage networks, collectors, TANKS and other means of transport (sewage vehicles ...
    Class 3700
  • Warehousing and storage
    ... warehouses, refrigerated warehouses, storage TANKS etc. This class also includes: - storage of ...
    Class 5210