SIC Code: Class 3011

Information about Class 3011: Building of ships and floating structures

Class 3011

Hierarchy of Class 3011

  • Section CManufacturing
  • Division 30Manufacture of other transport equipment
  • Group 301Building of ships and boats
  • Class 3011Building of ships and floating structures

List of terms related whith SIC Code 3011

What activities does the Class 3011 contain?

This class includes the building of ships, except vessels for sports or recreation, and the construction of floating structures.

This class includes:

~ building of commercial vessels:

~ passenger vessels, ferry boats, cargo ships, tankers, tugs etc.

~ building of warships

~ building of fishing boats and fish-processing factory vessels

This class also includes:

~ building of hovercraft (except recreation-type hovercraft)

~ construction of drilling platforms, floating or submersible

~ construction of floating structures:

~ floating docks, pontoons, coffer-dams, floating landing stages, buoys, floating tanks, barges, lighters, floating cranes, non-recreational inflatable rafts etc.

~ manufacture of sections for ships and floating structures

What activities does not the Class 3011 contain?

This class excludes:

~ manufacture of parts of vessels, other than major hull assemblies:

~ manufacture of sails, see 1392

~ manufacture of ships' propellers, see 2599

~ manufacture of iron or steel anchors, see 2599

~ manufacture of marine engines, see 2811

~ manufacture of navigational instruments, see 2651

~ manufacture of lighting equipment for ships, see 2740

~ manufacture of amphibious motor vehicles, see 2910

~ manufacture of inflatable boats or rafts for recreation, see 3012

~ specialized repair and maintenance of ships and floating structures, see 3315

~ ship-breaking, see 3830

~ interior installation of boats, see 4330