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  • Other transportation support activities
    ... transport operations by rail, road, sea or air - ORGANIZATION of group and individual consignments (including ...
    Class 5229
  • Event catering and other food service activities
    ... includes catering activities for individual EVENTs or for a specified period of time and the ...
    Group 562
  • Event catering
    ... specified by the customer, for a specific EVENT. This class includes: - EVENT ...
    Class 5621
  • Management consultancy activities
    ... operational assistance to businesses and other ORGANIZATIONs on management issues, such as strategic and ...
    Class 7020
  • Organization of conventions and trade shows

    Group 823
  • Organization of conventions and trade shows
    ... class includes: - ORGANIZATION, promotion and/or management of events, such as business and trade shows, ... ... organization, promotion and/or management of EVENTs, such as business and trade shows, conventions, ...
    Class 8230
  • Other business support service activities n.e.c.
    ... bar code imprinting services - fundraising ORGANIZATION services on a contract or fee basis - mail ...
    Class 8299
  • Educational support activities
    ... services . educational testing services . ORGANIZATION of student exchange ...
    Class 8550
  • Library and archives activities
    ... as well as operation of government archives: . ORGANIZATION of a collection, whether specialized or not . ...
    Class 9101
  • Operation of sports facilities
    ... golf courses . bowling lanes . fitness centers - ORGANIZATION and operation of outdoor or indoor sports events ... ... of facilities for indoor or outdoor sports EVENTs (open, closed or covered, with or without ...
    Class 9311
  • Activities of trade unions
    ... work situation, and in concerted action through ORGANIZATION - activities of single plant unions, of unions ...
    Class 9420
  • Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies
    ... class includes: - activities of international ORGANIZATIONs such as the United Nations and the specialized ...
    Class 9900