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  • Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment
    ... models and comprise at least analog control and PROGRAMMING elements. This class includes: - manufacture of ...
    Class 2620
  • Information and communication
    ... (division 59), radio and TV broadcasting and PROGRAMMING activities (division 60), telecommunications ...
    Section J
  • Sound recording and music publishing activities
    ... the production of taped (i. e. non-live) radio PROGRAMMING, audio for film, television etc. - music ...
    Class 5920
  • Programming and broadcasting activities
    ... as news, sports, education or youth-oriented PROGRAMMING) on a subscription or fee basis, to a third ...
    Division 60
  • Radio broadcasting
    ... and facilities for the transmission of aural PROGRAMMING to the public, to affiliates or to ...
    Class 6010
  • Television PROGRAMMING and broadcasting activities

    Group 602
  • Television PROGRAMMING and broadcasting activities
    ... companies or satellite television providers. The PROGRAMMING may be of a general or specialized nature (e. g. ...
    Class 6020
  • Telecommunications
    ... this may include the bundling of complete PROGRAMMING channels (produced in division 60) in to ...
    Division 61
  • Satellite telecommunications activities
    ... delivery of visual, aural or textual PROGRAMMING received from cable networks, local television ...
    Class 6130
  • Computer PROGRAMMING, consultancy and related activities

    Division 62
  • Computer PROGRAMMING, consultancy and related activities

    Group 620
  • Computer PROGRAMMING activities

    Class 6201