Programming and broadcasting activities - Division 60

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Code Division 60

Hierarchy of Division 60

  • Section JInformation and communication
  • Division 60Programming and broadcasting activities

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What activities does the Division 60 contain?

This division includes the activities of creating content or acquiring the right to distribute content and subsequently broadcasting that content, such as radio, television and data programs of entertainment, news, talk, and the like.

Also included is data broadcasting, typically integrated with radio or TV broadcasting.

The broadcasting can be performed using different technologies, over-the-air, via satellite, via a cable network or via Internet.

This division also includes the production of programs that are typically narrowcast in nature (limited format, such as news, sports, education or youth-oriented programming) on a subscription or fee basis, to a third party, for subsequent broadcasting to the public.

This division excludes the distribution of cable and other subscription programming (see division 61).