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  • Manufacture of jewellery and related articles
    ... articles, office or desk articles, articles for RELIGIOUS use etc. - manufacture of technical or ...
    Class 3211
  • Construction of buildings
    ... underground parking garages . warehouses . RELIGIOUS buildings - assembly and erection of ...
    Class 4100
  • Other retail sale of new goods in specialized stores
    ... food - retail sale of souvenirs, craftwork and RELIGIOUS articles - activities of commercial art ...
    Class 4773
  • Other education n.e.c.
    ... skills instruction - speed reading instruction - RELIGIOUS instruction This class also includes: - ...
    Class 8549
  • Activities of membership organizations
    ... of employees (group 942) or promotion of RELIGIOUS, political, cultural, educational or ...
    Division 94
  • Activities of RELIGIOUS organizations
    ... class includes: - activities of RELIGIOUS organizations or individuals providing services directly to ...
    Class 9491