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  • Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
    ... agricultural land terracing, drainage, preparing RICE paddies etc. ) classified in section F ...
    Division 01
  • Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds

    Class 0111
  • Growing of rice
    ... class includes: - growing of RICE (including organic farming and the growing of genetically ...
    Class 0112
  • Support activities for crop production
    ... of fruit trees and vines . transplanting of RICE, thinning of beets . harvesting . pest control ...
    Class 0161
  • Manufacturing
    ... classified in division 45 (Wholesale and retail TRADE and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles). ...
    Section C
  • Manufacture of food products
    ... the unit is classified to Wholesale and retail TRADE (section G). Production of animal feeds from ...
    Division 10
  • Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products
    ... the milling, cleaning and polishing of RICE, as well as the manufacture of flour mixes or ...
    Group 106
  • Manufacture of grain mill products
    ... rye, oats, maize (corn) or other cereal grains - RICE milling: production of husked, milled, polished, ...
    Class 1061
  • Manufacture of starches and starch products
    ... class includes: - manufacture of starches from RICE, potatoes, maize etc. - wet corn milling - ...
    Class 1062
  • Preparation and spinning of textile fibres
    ... of yarn or thread for weaving or sewing, for the TRADE or for further processing: . texturizing, ...
    Class 1311
  • Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing
    ... feeders, sifters, bran cleaners, blenders, RICE hullers, pea splitters) - manufacture of ...
    Class 2825
  • Repair and installation of machinery and equipment
    ... good. The same principle is applied for combined TRADE and repair. The rebuilding or remanufacturing ...
    Division 33
  • Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
    ... operations (or manipulations) associated with TRADE, for example sorting, grading and assembling of ...
    Section G
  • Wholesale and retail TRADE and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles

    Division 45
  • Wholesale TRADE, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
    ... division includes wholesale TRADE on own account or on a fee or contract basis (commission TRADE) ...
    Division 46
  • Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
    ... commission agents and all other wholesalers who TRADE on behalf and on the account of others - ...
    Class 4610
  • Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
    ... of other machinery n. e. c. for use in industry, TRADE and navigation and other services This class ...
    Class 4659
  • Non-specialized wholesale trade

    Group 469
  • Non-specialized wholesale trade

    Class 4690
  • Retail TRADE, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
    ... and peddlers, consumer cooperatives etc. Retail TRADE is classified first by type of sale outlet ...
    Division 47
  • Retail TRADE not in stores, stalls or markets

    Group 479
  • Warehousing and storage
    ... also includes: - storage of goods in foreign TRADE zones - blast ...
    Class 5210
  • Accommodation and food service activities
    ... channels, i. e. through wholesale or retail TRADE activities. The preparation of these foods is ...
    Section I
  • Food and beverage service activities
    ... consumption (see section G: Wholesale and retail TRADE; ...
    Division 56
  • Other credit granting
    ... granting of consumer credit . international TRADE financing . provision of long-term finance to ...
    Class 6492
  • Organization of conventions and TRADE shows

    Group 823
  • Organization of conventions and TRADE shows
    ... management of events, such as business and TRADE shows, conventions, conferences and meetings, ...
    Class 8230
  • Regulation of and contribution to more efficient operation of businesses
    ... hotels and tourism . wholesale and retail TRADE - administration of R&D policies and associated ...
    Class 8413
  • Foreign affairs
    ... aid to foreign countries - management of foreign TRADE, international financial and foreign technical ...
    Class 8421
  • Activities of business and employers membership organizations
    ... enterprises in a particular line of business or TRADE, including farming, or on the economic growth ...
    Class 9411
  • Activities of TRADE unions

    Group 942
  • Activities of TRADE unions
    ... composed of affiliated unions on the basis of TRADE, region, organizational structure or other ...
    Class 9420
  • Activities of other membership organizations
    ... organizations, professional organizations, TRADE unions) that promote the interests of their ...
    Group 949
  • Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies
    ... the European Communities, the European Free TRADE Association etc. This class also includes: - ...
    Class 9900