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  • Electrical installation
    ... cable television wiring, including fibre optic . SATELLITE dishes . lighting systems . fire alarms . ...
    Class 4321
  • Information and communication
    ... in division 61 can be done through broadcasting, SATELLITE or cable ...
    Section J
  • Programming and broadcasting activities
    ... using different technologies, over-the-air, via SATELLITE, via a cable network or via Internet. This ...
    Division 60
  • Radio broadcasting
    ... via over-the-air broadcasts, cable or SATELLITE - radio broadcasting activities over the ...
    Class 6010
  • Television programming and broadcasting activities
    ... party distributors, such as cable companies or SATELLITE television providers. The programming may be of ...
    Class 6020
  • Wired telecommunications activities
    ... microwave or a combination of landlines and SATELLITE linkups . operating of cable distribution ...
    Class 6110
  • Wireless telecommunications activities
    ... wireless telecommunications services (except SATELLITE) using this capacity to businesses and ...
    Class 6120
  • Satellite telecommunications activities

    Group 613
  • Satellite telecommunications activities
    ... of voice, data, text, sound and video using a SATELLITE telecommunications infrastructure - delivery of ...
    Class 6130
  • Other telecommunications activities
    ... telecommunications applications, such as SATELLITE tracking, communications telemetry, and radar ...
    Class 6190