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  • Manufacture of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment; WATCHES and clocks
    ... including time-based measuring devices such as WATCHES and clocks and related ...
    Group 265
  • Manufacture of WATCHES and clocks
    ... class includes the manufacture of WATCHES, clocks and timing mechanisms and parts thereof. This ...
    Class 2652
  • Wholesale of other household goods
    ... goods and travel accessories - wholesale of WATCHES, clocks and jewellery - wholesale of musical ...
    Class 4649
  • Retail sale of other goods in specialized stores
    ... articles, pharmaceutical and medical goods, WATCHES, souvenirs, cleaning materials, weapons, flowers ...
    Group 477
  • Other retail sale of new goods in specialized stores
    ... activities of opticians - retail sale of WATCHES, clocks and jewellery - retail sale of flowers, ...
    Class 4773
  • Repair of other personal and household goods
    ... repair and alteration of jewellery - repair of WATCHES, clocks and their parts such as watchcases and ...
    Class 9529