SIC Activities related with *time*

In this page we have a complete list of SIC Activities and their Codes related with the term time

time: SIC Codes

There are 13 Economic Activities in all levels that containg the word "TIME" in their name or detailed description. Have you that what you are searching for?

  • Class 2652
    Manufacture of watches and clocks
    This class includes the manufacture of watches, clocks and timing mechanisms and parts thereof.

    This class includes:
    ~ manufacture of watches and clocks of all kinds, including instrument panel clocks
    ~ manufacture of watch and clock cases, including cases of precious metals
    ~ manufacture of TIME,recording equipment and equipment for measuring, recording and otherwise displaying intervals of TIME with a watch or clock movement or with synchronous motor, such as:
    ~ parking meters
    ~ TIME clocks
    ~ time/date stamps
    ~ process timers
    ~ manufacture of TIME switches and other releases with a watch or clock movement or with synchronous motor:
    ~ TIME locks
    ~ manufacture of components for clocks and watches:
    ~ movements of all kinds for watches and clocks
    ~ springs, jewels, dials, hands, plates, bridges and other parts

  • Class 4921
    Urban and suburban passenger land transport
    This class includes:
    ~ land transport of passengers by urban or suburban transport systems. This may include different modes of land transport, such as by motorbus, tramway, streetcar, trolley bus, underground and elevated railways etc. The transport is carried out on scheduled routes normally following a fixed TIME schedule, entailing the picking up and setting down of passengers at normally fixed stops.

    This class also includes:
    ~ town-to-airport or town-to-station lines
    ~ operation of funicular railways, aerial cableways etc. if part of urban or suburban transit systems

  • Class 5510
    Short term accommodation activities
    This class includes the provision of accommodation, typically on a daily or weekly basis, principally for short stay by visitors. This includes the provision of furnished accommodation in guest rooms and suites or complete self-contained units with kitchens, with or without daily or other regular housekeeping services, and may often include a range of additional services such as food and beverage services, parking, laundry services, swimming pools and exercise rooms, recreational facilities and conference and convention facilities.

    This class includes the provision of short-term accommodation provided by:
    ~ hotels
    ~ resort hotels
    ~ suite / apartment hotels
    ~ motels
    ~ motor hotels
    ~ guesthouses
    ~ pensions
    ~ bed and breakfast units
    ~ visitor flats and bungalows
    ~ TIME,share units
    ~ holiday homes
    ~ chalets, housekeeping cottages and cabins
    ~ youth hostels and mountain refuges

  • Class 7820
    Temporary employment agency activities
    This class includes:
    ~ supplying workers to clients' businesses for limited periods of TIME to temporarily replace or supplement the working force of the client, where the individuals provided are employees of the temporary help service unit

    Units classified here do not provide direct supervision of their employees at the clients' work sites.

  • Class 5629
    Other food service activities
    This class includes industrial catering, i.e. the provision of food services based on contractual arrangements with the customer, for a specific period of TIME.
    Also included is the operation of food concessions at sports and similar facilities. The food is often prepared in a central unit.

    This class includes:
    ~ activities of food service contractors (e.g. for transportation companies)
    ~ operation of food concessions at sports and similar facilities
    ~ operation of canteens or cafeterias (e.g. for factories, offices, hospitals or schools) on a concession basis

  • Class 6311
    Data processing, hosting and related activities
    This class includes:
    ~ provision of infrastructure for hosting, data processing services and related activities
    ~ specialized hosting activities such as:
    ~ Web hosting
    ~ streaming services
    ~ application hosting
    ~ application service provisioning
    ~ general TIME,share provision of mainframe facilities to clients
    ~ data processing activities:
    ~ complete processing of data supplied by clients
    ~ generation of specialized reports from data supplied by clients
    ~ provision of data entry services

  • Class 7310
    This class includes the provision of a full range of advertising services (i.e. through in-house capabilities or subcontracting), including advice, creative services, production of advertising material, media planning and buying.

    This class includes:
    ~ creation and realization of advertising campaigns:
    ~ creating and placing advertising in newspapers, periodicals, radio, television, the Internet and other media
    ~ creating and placing of outdoor advertising, e.g. billboards, panels, bulletins and frames, window dressing, showroom design, car and bus carding etc.
    ~ media representation, i.e. sale of TIME and space for various media soliciting advertising
    ~ aerial advertising
    ~ distribution or delivery of advertising material or samples
    ~ provision of advertising space on billboards etc.
    ~ creation of stands and other display structures and sites
    ~ conducting marketing campaigns and other advertising services aimed at attracting and retaining customers:
    ~ promotion of products
    ~ point-of-sale marketing
    ~ direct mail advertising
    ~ marketing consulting

  • Class 7990
    Other reservation service and related activities
    This class includes:
    ~ provision of other travel-related reservation services:
    ~ reservations for transportation, hotels, restaurants, car rentals, entertainment and sport etc.
    ~ provision of TIME,share exchange services
    ~ ticket sales activities for theatrical, sports and other amusement and entertainment events
    ~ provision of visitor assistance services:
    ~ provision of travel information to visitors
    ~ activities of tourist guides
    ~ tourism promotion activities

  • Class 8299
    Other business support service activities n.e.c.
    This class includes:
    ~ providing verbatim reporting and stenotype recording of live legal proceedings and transcribing subsequent recorded materials, such as:
    ~ court reporting or stenotype recording services
    ~ public stenography services
    ~ real TIME,(i.e. simultaneous) closed captioning of live television performances of meetings, conferences
    ~ address bar coding services
    ~ bar code imprinting services
    ~ fundraising organization services on a contract or fee basis
    ~ mail presorting services
    ~ repossession services
    ~ parking meter coin collection services
    ~ activities of independent auctioneers
    ~ administration of loyalty programmes
    ~ other support activities typically provided to businesses not elsewhere classified

  • Group 265
    Manufacture of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment; watches and clocks
    This group includes the manufacture of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment for various industrial and non-industrial purposes, including TIME,based measuring devices such as watches and clocks and related devices.

  • Group 562
    Event catering and other food service activities
    This group includes catering activities for individual events or for a specified period of TIME and the operation of food concessions, such as at sports or similar facilities.
  • Group 772
    Renting and leasing of personal and household goods
    This group includes the renting of personal and household goods as well as renting of recreational and sports equipment and video tapes. Activities generally include short-term renting of goods although in some instances, the goods may be leased for longer periods of TIME.
  • Division 78
    Employment activities
    This division includes activities of listing employment vacancies and referring or placing applicants for employment, where the individuals referred or placed are not employees of the employment agencies, supplying workers to clients' businesses for limited periods of TIME to supplement the working force of the client, and the activities of providing human resources and human resource management services for others on a contract or fee basis. This division also includes executive search and placement activities and activities of theatrical casting agencies.

    This division excludes the activities of agents for individual artists (see class 7490).