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  • Retail sale of CULTURAL and recreation goods in specialized stores
    ... the retail sale in specialized stores of CULTURAL and recreation goods, such as books, newspapers, ...
    Group 476
  • Information and communication
    ... production and distribution of information and CULTURAL products, the provision of the means to transmit ...
    Section J
  • Programming and broadcasting activities
    ... in nature (limited format, such as news, sports, EDUCATION or youth-oriented programming) on a subscription ...
    Division 60
  • Television programming and broadcasting activities
    ... (e. g. limited formats such as news, sports, EDUCATION or youth oriented programming), may be made ...
    Class 6020
  • Tour operator activities
    ... food . visits to museums, historical or CULTURAL sites, theatrical, musical or sporting ...
    Class 7912
  • Regulation of the activities of providing health care, EDUCATION, CULTURAL services and other social services, excluding social security
    ... also includes: - sponsoring of recreational and CULTURAL activities - distribution of public grants to ... ... to increase personal well-being: . health . EDUCATION . culture . sport . recreation . environment . ...
    Class 8412
  • Foreign affairs
    ... operation and support for information and CULTURAL services intended for distribution beyond ...
    Class 8421
  • Education
    ... section includes EDUCATION at any level or for any profession, oral or written as well as by radio and ...
    Section P
  • Education

    Division 85
  • Pre-primary and primary education

    Group 851
  • Pre-primary and primary education
    ... instruction that gives students a sound basic EDUCATION in reading, writing and mathematics along with ...
    Class 8510
  • Secondary education
    ... secondary and technical and vocational secondary ...
    Group 852
  • General secondary education
    ... class includes provision of the type of EDUCATION that lays the foundation for lifelong learning and ...
    Class 8521
  • Technical and vocational secondary education
    ... class includes EDUCATION typically emphasizing subject-matter specialization and instruction in both ...
    Class 8522
  • Higher education

    Group 853
  • Higher education
    ... of post-secondary non-tertiary and tertiary EDUCATION, including granting of degrees at baccalaureate, ...
    Class 8530
  • Other education
    ... group includes general continuing EDUCATION and continuing vocational EDUCATION and training for any ...
    Group 854
  • Sports and recreation education
    ... as the unit's or client's training facilities, EDUCATIONal institutions or by other means. Instruction ...
    Class 8541
  • Cultural education

    Class 8542
  • Other EDUCATION n.e.c.
    ... for adults, not comparable to the general EDUCATION in groups 851-853. This class does not include ...
    Class 8549
  • Other residential care activities
    ... for self-care, but where medical treatment or EDUCATION are not important elements: . orphanages . ...
    Class 8790
  • Social work activities without accommodation for the elderly and disabled
    ... for disabled persons provided that the EDUCATION component is ...
    Class 8810
  • Other social work activities without accommodation
    ... for unemployed persons provided that the EDUCATION component is limited . eligibility determination ...
    Class 8890
  • Arts, entertainment and recreation
    ... a wide range of activities to meet varied CULTURAL, entertainment and recreational interests of the ...
    Section R
  • Creative, arts and entertainment activities
    ... facilities and provision of services to meet the CULTURAL and entertainment interests of their customers. ...
    Class 9000
  • Libraries, archives, museums and other CULTURAL activities
    ... and natural wonders of historical, cultural or EDUCATIONal interest (e. g. world heritage sites, ... ... sites and natural wonders of historical, CULTURAL or educational interest (e. g. world heritage ...
    Division 91
  • Libraries, archives, museums and other CULTURAL activities

    Group 910
  • Activities of membership organizations
    ... 942) or promotion of religious, political, CULTURAL, educational or recreational ideas and ... ... or promotion of religious, political, cultural, EDUCATIONal or recreational ideas and activities (group ...
    Division 94
  • Activities of professional membership organizations
    ... of associations of specialists engaged in CULTURAL activities, such as associations of writers, ...
    Class 9412
  • Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c.
    ... a public cause or issue by means of public EDUCATION, political influence, fund-raising etc. : . ... ... etc. - associations for the pursuit of a CULTURAL or recreational activity or hobby (other than ...
    Class 9499