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  • Manufacture of domestic appliances
    ... brushes, curlers . electric smoothing irons . SPACE heaters and household-type fans, portable . ...
    Class 2750
  • Manufacture of ovens, furnaces and furnace burners
    ... manufacture of permanent mount electric SPACE heaters, electric swimming pool heaters - ...
    Class 2815
  • Manufacture of transport equipment n.e.c.
    ... than motor vehicles and rail, water, air or SPACE transport equipment and military ...
    Group 309
  • Construction
    ... but for their operation (e. g. renting of SPACE in these buildings, manufacturing activities in ...
    Section F
  • Air transport
    ... transport of passengers or freight by air or via SPACE. This division excludes the repair of aircraft ...
    Division 51
  • Freight air transport
    ... of freight by air - launching of satellites and SPACE vehicles - SPACE transport This class also ...
    Class 5120
  • Other transportation support activities
    ... agents - brokerage for ship and aircraft SPACE - goods-handling operations, e. g. temporary ...
    Class 5229
  • Camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks
    ... camps for short stay visitors - provision of SPACE and facilities for recreational vehicles This ...
    Class 5520
  • Event catering and other food service activities
    ... includes catering activities for individual EVENTs or for a specified period of time and the ...
    Group 562
  • Event catering
    ... specified by the customer, for a specific EVENT. This class includes: - EVENT ...
    Class 5621
  • Real estate activities with own or leased property
    ... projects for own operation, i. e. for renting of SPACE in these buildings - subdividing real estate ...
    Class 6810
  • Advertising
    ... media representation, i. e. sale of time and SPACE for various media soliciting advertising . ...
    Class 7310
  • Defence activities
    ... military defence affairs and land, sea, air and SPACE defence forces such as: . combat forces of army, ...
    Class 8422
  • Funeral and related activities
    ... or cremation services . rental of equipped SPACE in funeral parlours - rental or sale of graves - ...
    Class 9603