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  • Spinning, weaving and finishing of textiles
    ... animal, vegetable or man-made fibres, paper or GLASS etc. Also included in this group is the ...
    Group 131
  • Weaving of textiles
    ... gauze etc. - manufacture of woven fabrics of GLASS fibres - manufacture of woven fabrics of carbon ...
    Class 1312
  • Printing
    ... printing directly onto textiles, plastic, GLASS, metal, wood and ceramics The material printed ...
    Class 1811
  • Manufacture of soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations, perfumes and toilet preparations
    ... and creams for wood . polishes for coachwork, GLASS and metal . scouring pastes and powders, ...
    Class 2023
  • Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
    ... This division includes the manufacture of GLASS and GLASS products (e. g. flat GLASS, hollow ...
    Division 23
  • Manufacture of GLASS and GLASS products

    Group 231
  • Manufacture of GLASS and GLASS products
    ... class includes the manufacture of GLASS in all forms, made by any process and the manufacture of ...
    Class 2310
  • Manufacture of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment
    ... manufacture of thermometers liquid-in-GLASS and bimetal types (except medical) - manufacture ...
    Class 2651
  • Manufacture of electric lighting equipment
    ... tubes and parts and components thereof (except GLASS blanks for electric light bulbs), electric ...
    Class 2740
  • Manufacture of other electrical equipment
    ... manufacture of electrical insulators (except GLASS or porcelain) - manufacture of electrical ...
    Class 2790
  • Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery
    ... and cylinders thereof (except for metal and GLASS) - manufacture of centrifuges (except cream ...
    Class 2819
  • Manufacture of metal-forming machinery and machine tools
    ... bone, stone, hard rubber, hard plastics, cold GLASS etc. ), including those using a laser beam, ...
    Class 2822
  • Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery
    ... machines for production or hot-working of GLASS or GLASSware, GLASS fibre or yarn . machinery or ...
    Class 2829
  • Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies
    ... and prosthetic devices - manufacture of GLASS eyes - manufacture of medical thermometers - ...
    Class 3250
  • Materials recovery
    ... granulates - crushing, cleaning and sorting of GLASS - crushing, cleaning and sorting of other waste ...
    Class 3830
  • Building completion and finishing
    ... civil engineering structures - installation of GLASS, mirrors, etc. - cleaning of new buildings after ...
    Class 4330
  • Wholesale of construction materials, hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies
    ... and floor coverings - wholesale of flat GLASS - wholesale of hardware and locks - wholesale of ...
    Class 4663
  • Retail sale of hardware, paints and GLASS in specialized stores
    ... varnishes and lacquers - retail sale of flat GLASS - retail sale of other building material such as ...
    Class 4752
  • Renting and leasing of other personal and household goods
    ... apparel and footwear . furniture, pottery and GLASS, kitchen and tableware, electrical appliances ...
    Class 7729