SIC Code: Class 2829

Information about Class 2829: Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery

Class 2829

Hierarchy of Class 2829

  • Section CManufacturing
  • Division 28Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
  • Group 282Manufacture of special-purpose machinery
  • Class 2829Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery

List of terms related whith SIC Code 2829

What activities does the Class 2829 contain?

This class includes the manufacture of special-purpose machinery not elsewhere classified.

This class includes:

~ manufacture of machinery for making paper pulp

~ manufacture of paper and paperboard making machinery

~ manufacture of dryers for wood, paper pulp, paper or paperboard

~ manufacture of machinery producing articles of paper or paperboard

~ manufacture of machinery for working soft rubber or plastics or for the manufacture of products of these materials:

~ extruders, moulders, pneumatic tyre making or retreading machines and other machines for making a specific rubber or plastic product

~ manufacture of printing and bookbinding machines and machines for activities supporting printing on a variety of materials

~ manufacture of machinery for producing tiles, bricks, shaped ceramic pastes, pipes, graphite electrodes, blackboard chalk, foundry moulds etc.

~ manufacture of semi-conductor manufacturing machinery

~ manufacture of industrial robots performing multiple tasks for special purposes

~ manufacture of diverse special-purpose machinery and equipment:

~ machines to assemble electric or electronic lamps, tubes (valves) or bulbs

~ machines for production or hot-working of glass or glassware, glass fibre or yarn

~ machinery or apparatus for isotopic separation

~ manufacture of tire alignment and balancing equipment; balancing equipment (except wheel balancing)

~ manufacture of central greasing systems

~ manufacture of aircraft launching gear, aircraft carrier catapults and related equipment

~ manufacture of automatic bowling alley equipment (

~ manufacture of roundabouts, swings, shooting galleries and other fairground amusements

What activities does not the Class 2829 contain?

This class excludes:

~ manufacture of household appliances, see 2750

~ manufacture of photocopy machines etc., see 2817

~ manufacture of machinery or equipment to work hard rubber, hard plastics or cold glass, see 2822

~ manufacture of ingot moulds, see 2823

~ manufacture of textile printing machinery, see 2826