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  • Manufacture of rubber tyres and tubes; retreading and rebuilding of rubber tyres
    ... tyres for vehicles, equipment, mobile machinery, AIRCRAFT, toy, furniture and other uses: . pneumatic ...
    Class 2211
  • Manufacture of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment
    ... here. This class includes: - manufacture of AIRCRAFT engine instruments - manufacture of automotive ...
    Class 2651
  • Manufacture of electric lighting equipment
    ... equipment (e. g. for motor vehicles, AIRCRAFT, boats) This class also includes: - manufacture ...
    Class 2740
  • Manufacture of engines and turbines, except AIRCRAFT, vehicle and cycle engines
    ... combustion piston engines, except motor vehicle, AIRCRAFT and cycle propulsion engines: . marine engines . ...
    Class 2811
  • Manufacture of special-purpose machinery
    ... other (non-manufacturing industries), such as AIRCRAFT launching gear or amusement park ...
    Group 282
  • Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery
    ... of central greasing systems - manufacture of AIRCRAFT launching gear, AIRCRAFT carrier catapults and ...
    Class 2829
  • Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery
    ... manufacture of parts and accessories of the AIRCRAFT of this class: . major assemblies such as ...
    Class 3030
  • Repair of electronic and optical equipment
    ... and control equipment of group 265, such as: . AIRCRAFT engine instruments . automotive emissions ...
    Class 3313
  • Repair of transport equipment, except motor vehicles
    ... of ships, locomotives, railroad cars and AIRCRAFT is classified in division 30. This class ...
    Class 3315
  • Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
    ... accessories (see division 45), the renting and LEASING of goods (see division 77) and the packing of ...
    Division 46
  • Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
    ... and computers, industrial equipment, ships and AIRCRAFT . furniture, household goods and hardware This ...
    Class 4610
  • Air transport
    ... via space. This division excludes the repair of AIRCRAFT or AIRCRAFT engines (see class 3315) and support ...
    Division 51
  • Other transportation support activities
    ... and air-cargo agents - brokerage for ship and AIRCRAFT space - goods-handling operations, e. g. ...
    Class 5229
  • Financial leasing
    ... class includes: - LEASING where the term approximately covers the expected life of the asset and the ...
    Class 6491
  • Real estate activities
    ... combined with maintaining ownership or LEASING of such structures. This section includes real ...
    Section L
  • Technical testing and analysis
    ... including consumer goods, motor vehicles, AIRCRAFT, pressurized containers, nuclear plants etc. - ...
    Class 7120
  • Rental and LEASING activities
    ... division includes the renting and LEASING of tangible and non-financial intangible assets, including ...
    Division 77
  • Renting and LEASING of motor vehicles

    Group 771
  • Renting and LEASING of motor vehicles
    ... class includes: - renting and operational LEASING of the following types of vehicles: . passenger ...
    Class 7710
  • Renting and LEASING of personal and household goods

    Group 772
  • Renting and LEASING of recreational and sports goods

    Class 7721
  • Renting and LEASING of other personal and household goods

    Class 7729
  • Renting and LEASING of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods

    Group 773
  • Renting and LEASING of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods
    ... class includes: - renting and operational LEASING, without operator, of other machinery and equipment ...
    Class 7730
  • Leasing of intellectual property and similar products, except copyrighted works

    Group 774
  • Leasing of intellectual property and similar products, except copyrighted works
    ... of the product (i. e. the asset holder). The LEASING of these products can take various forms, such ...
    Class 7740