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  • Growing of fibre crops
    ... of cotton - growing of jute, kenaf and other TEXTILE bast fibres - growing of flax and true hemp - ...
    Class 0116
  • Manufacturing
    ... are therefore classified in Section E (Water SUPPLY; sewerage, waste management and remediation ...
    Section C
  • Manufacture of textiles
    ... division includes preparation and spinning of TEXTILE fibres as well as TEXTILE weaving, finishing of ...
    Division 13
  • Spinning, weaving and finishing of textiles
    ... group includes the manufacture of TEXTILEs, including preparatory operations, the spinning of TEXTILE ...
    Group 131
  • Preparation and spinning of TEXTILE fibres
    ... class includes: - preparatory operations on TEXTILE fibres: . reeling and washing of silk . ...
    Class 1311
  • Finishing of textiles
    ... class includes: - bleaching and dyeing of TEXTILE fibres, yarns, fabrics and TEXTILE articles, ...
    Class 1313
  • Manufacture of other textiles
    ... the manufacture of products produced from TEXTILEs, except wearing apparel, such as made-up ...
    Group 139
  • Manufacture of made-up TEXTILE articles, except apparel
    ... manufacture, of made-up articles of any TEXTILE material, including of knitted or crocheted ...
    Class 1392
  • Manufacture of carpets and rugs
    ... class includes: - manufacture of TEXTILE floor coverings: . carpets, rugs and mats, tiles This class ...
    Class 1393
  • Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting
    ... of twine, cordage, rope and cables of TEXTILE fibres or strip or the like, whether or not ...
    Class 1394
  • Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c.
    ... all activities related to the manufacture of TEXTILEs or TEXTILE products, not specified elsewhere in ...
    Class 1399
  • Manufacture of wearing apparel, except fur apparel
    ... of fur skins - manufacture of footwear of TEXTILE material without applied soles - manufacture of ...
    Class 1410
  • Manufacture of leather and related products
    ... leather substitutes), such as rubber footwear, TEXTILE luggage etc. The products made from leather ...
    Division 15
  • Manufacture of luggage, handbags and the like, saddlery and harness
    ... or any other material, such as plastic sheeting, TEXTILE materials, vulcanized fibre or paperboard, where ...
    Class 1512
  • Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard
    ... babies . cups, dishes and trays - manufacture of TEXTILE wadding and articles of wadding: sanitary ...
    Class 1709
  • Printing and reproduction of recorded media
    ... to a medium, such as paper, plastics, metal, TEXTILE articles, or wood. The most prominent of these ...
    Division 18
  • Manufacture of soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations, perfumes and toilet preparations
    ... and detergents . dish-washing preparations . TEXTILE softeners - manufacture of cleaning and ...
    Class 2023
  • Manufacture of other rubber products
    ... of rubber repair materials - manufacture of TEXTILE fabric impregnated, coated, covered or laminated ...
    Class 2219
  • Manufacture of special-purpose machinery
    ... processes, such as food manufacturing or TEXTILE manufacturing, this group also includes the ...
    Group 282
  • Manufacture of machinery for TEXTILE, apparel and leather production
    ... class includes: - manufacture of TEXTILE machinery: . machines for preparing, producing, extruding, ...
    Class 2826
  • Repair of machinery
    ... processing machinery - repair and maintenance of TEXTILE apparel, and leather production machinery - ...
    Class 3312
  • Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
    ... is the provision of steam and air-conditioning SUPPLY. This section excludes the operation of water ...
    Section D
  • Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply

    Division 35
  • Manufacture of gas; distribution of gaseous fuels through mains
    ... production of gas for the purpose of gas SUPPLY by carbonation of coal, from by-products of ...
    Class 3520
  • Steam and air conditioning supply

    Group 353
  • Steam and air conditioning supply

    Class 3530
  • Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
    ... other production processes. Activities of water SUPPLY are also grouped in this section, since they are ...
    Section E
  • Water collection, treatment and supply

    Division 36
  • Water collection, treatment and supply

    Group 360
  • Water collection, treatment and supply
    ... of rain water - purification of water for water SUPPLY purposes - treatment of water for industrial and ...
    Class 3600
  • Collection of non-hazardous waste
    ... brush and rubble - collection of waste output of TEXTILE mills - operation of waste transfer stations for ...
    Class 3811
  • Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
    ... of: . agricultural raw materials, live animals, TEXTILE raw materials and semi-finished goods . fuels, ...
    Class 4610
  • Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
    ... of computer-controlled machinery for the TEXTILE industry and of computer-controlled sewing and ...
    Class 4659
  • Wholesale of waste and scrap and other products n.e.c.
    ... forms - wholesale of rubber - wholesale of TEXTILE fibres etc. - wholesale of paper in bulk - ...
    Class 4669
  • Information service activities
    ... as well as other activities that primarily SUPPLY ...
    Division 63
  • Central banking
    ... currency - monitoring and control of the money SUPPLY - taking deposits that are used for clearance ...
    Class 6411
  • Regulation of the activities of providing health care, education, cultural services and other social services, excluding social security
    ... to artists - administration of potable water SUPPLY programmes - administration of waste collection ...
    Class 8412
  • Washing and (dry-) cleaning of TEXTILE and fur products
    ... of all kinds of clothing (including fur) and TEXTILEs, provided by mechanical equipment, by hand or ... ... uniforms and related items by laundries - diaper SUPPLY services This class also includes: - repair and ...
    Class 9601