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SIC Codes for information

There are 23 Economic Activities in all levels that containg the word "INFORMATION" in their name or detailed description. Have you that what you are searching for?

  • Class 4791
    Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet
    This class includes retail sale activities via mail order houses or via Internet, i.e. retail sale activities where the buyer makes his choice on the basis of advertisements, catalogues, INFORMATION provided on a website, models or any other means of advertising and places his order by mail, phone or over the Internet (usually through special means provided by a website). The products purchased can be either directly downloaded from the Internet or physically delivered to the customer.

    This class includes:
    ~ retail sale of any kind of product by mail order
    ~ retail sale of any kind of product over the Internet

    This class also includes:
    ~ direct sale via television, radio and telephone
    ~ Internet retail auctions

  • Class 6399
    Other INFORMATION service activities n.e.c.
    This class includes other INFORMATION service activities not elsewhere classified, such as:
    ~ telephone based INFORMATION services
    ~ INFORMATION search services on a contract or fee basis
    ~ news clipping services, press clipping services, etc.

  • Class 5812
    Publishing of directories and mailing lists
    This class includes the publishing of lists of facts/information (databases) that are protected in their form, but not in their content. These lists can be published in printed or electronic form.

    This class includes:
    ~ publishing of mailing lists
    ~ publishing of telephone books
    ~ publishing of other directories and compilations, such as case law, pharmaceutical compendia etc.

  • Class 5819
    Other publishing activities
    This class includes:
    ~ publishing (including on-line) of:
    ~ catalogs
    ~ photos, engravings and postcards
    ~ greeting cards
    ~ forms
    ~ posters, reproduction of works of art
    ~ advertising material
    ~ other printed matter
    ~ on-line publishing of statistics or other information

  • Class 6201
    Computer programming activities
    This class includes the writing, modifying, testing and supporting of software.

    This class includes:
    ~ designing the structure and content of, and/or writing the computer code necessary to create and implement:
    ~ systems software (including updates and patches)
    ~ software applications (including updates and patches)
    ~ databases
    ~ web pages
    ~ customizing of software, i.e. modifying and configuring an existing application so that it is functional within the clients' INFORMATION system environment

  • Class 6209
    Other INFORMATION technology and computer service activities
    This class includes other INFORMATION technology and computer related activities not elsewhere classified, such as:
    ~ computer disaster recovery
    ~ installation (setting-up) of personal computers
    ~ software installation

  • Class 7020
    Management consultancy activities
    This class includes the provision of advice, guidance and operational assistance to businesses and other organizations on management issues, such as strategic and organizational planning; decision areas that are financial in nature; marketing objectives and policies; human resource policies, practices and planning; production scheduling and control planning.

    This provision of business services may include advice, guidance or operational assistance to businesses and the public service regarding:
    ~ public relations and communication
    ~ lobbying activities
    ~ design of accounting methods or procedures, cost accounting programmes, budgetary control procedures
    ~ advice and help to businesses and public services in planning, organization, efficiency and control, management INFORMATION etc.

  • Class 7110
    Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy
    This class includes the provision of architectural services, engineering services, drafting services, building inspection services and surveying and mapping services and the like.

    This class includes:
    ~ architectural consulting activities:
    ~ building design and drafting
    ~ town and city planning and landscape architecture
    ~ engineering design (i.e. applying physical laws and principles of engineering in the design of machines, materials, instruments, structures, processes and systems) and consulting activities for:
    ~ machinery, industrial processes and industrial plant
    ~ projects involving civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, traffic engineering
    ~ water management projects
    ~ projects elaboration and realization relative to electrical and electronic engineering, mining engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical, industrial and systems engineering, safety engineering
    ~ project management activities related to construction
    ~ elaboration of projects using air conditioning, refrigeration, sanitary and pollution control engineering, acoustical engineering etc.
    ~ geophysical, geologic and seismic surveying
    ~ geodetic surveying activities:
    ~ land and boundary surveying activities
    ~ hydrologic surveying activities
    ~ subsurface surveying activities
    ~ cartographic and spatial INFORMATION activities

  • Class 7990
    Other reservation service and related activities
    This class includes:
    ~ provision of other travel-related reservation services:
    ~ reservations for transportation, hotels, restaurants, car rentals, entertainment and sport etc.
    ~ provision of time-share exchange services
    ~ ticket sales activities for theatrical, sports and other amusement and entertainment events
    ~ provision of visitor assistance services:
    ~ provision of travel INFORMATION to visitors
    ~ activities of tourist guides
    ~ tourism promotion activities

  • Class 8220
    Activities of call centres
    This class includes:
    ~ activities of inbound call centres, answering calls from clients by using human operators, automatic call distribution, computer telephone integration, interactive voice response systems or similar methods to receive orders, provide product INFORMATION, deal with customer requests for assistance or address customer complaints
    ~ activities of outbound call centers using similar methods to sell or market goods or services to potential customers, undertake market research or public opinion polling and similar activities for clients

  • Class 8291
    Activities of collection agencies and credit bureaus
    This class includes:
    ~ collection of payments for claims and remittance of payments collected to the clients, such as bill or debt collection services
    ~ compiling of INFORMATION, such as credit and employment histories on individuals and credit histories on businesses and providing the INFORMATION to financial institutions, retailers and others who have a need to evaluate the creditworthiness of these persons and businesses

  • Class 8421
    Foreign affairs
    This class includes:
    ~ administration and operation of the ministry of foreign affairs and diplomatic and consular missions stationed abroad or at offices of international organizations
    ~ administration, operation and support for INFORMATION and cultural services intended for distribution beyond national boundaries
    ~ aid to foreign countries, whether or not routed through international organizations
    ~ provision of military aid to foreign countries
    ~ management of foreign trade, international financial and foreign technical affairs

  • Class 9101
    Library and archives activities
    This class includes:
    ~ documentation and INFORMATION activities of libraries of all kinds, reading, listening and viewing rooms, public archives providing service to the general public or to a special clientele, such as students, scientists, staff, members as well as operation of government archives:
    ~ organization of a collection, whether specialized or not
    ~ cataloguing collections
    ~ lending and storage of books, maps, periodicals, films, records, tapes, works of art etc.
    ~ retrieval activities in order to comply with INFORMATION requests etc.
    ~ stock photo libraries and services

  • Class 9411
    Activities of business and employers membership organizations
    This class includes:
    ~ activities of organizations whose members' interests centre on the development and prosperity of enterprises in a particular line of business or trade, including farming, or on the economic growth and climate of a particular geographical area or political subdivision without regard for the line of business.
    ~ activities of federations of such associations
    ~ activities of chambers of commerce, guilds and similar organizations
    ~ dissemination of INFORMATION, representation before government agencies, public relations and labour negotiations of business and employer organizations

  • Class 9412
    Activities of professional membership organizations
    This class includes:
    ~ activities of organizations whose members' interests centre chiefly on a particular scientific discipline, professional practice or technical field, such as medical associations, legal associations, accounting associations, engineering associations, architects associations etc.
    ~ activities of associations of specialists engaged in cultural activities, such as associations of writers, painters, performers of various kinds, journalists etc.
    ~ dissemination of INFORMATION, the establishment and supervision of standards of practice, representation before government agencies and public relations of professional organizations

    This class also includes:
    ~ activities of learned societies

  • Class 9492
    Activities of political organizations
    This class includes:
    ~ activities of political organizations and auxiliary organizations such as young people's auxiliaries associated with a political party. These organizations chiefly engage in influencing decision-taking in public governing bodies by placing members of the party or those sympathetic to the party in political office and involve the dissemination of INFORMATION, public relations, fund-raising etc.

  • Group 474
    Retail sale of INFORMATION and communications equipment in specialized stores
    This group includes the retail sale of INFORMATION and communications equipment, such as computers and peripheral equipment, telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics, by specialized stores.
  • Group 639
    Other INFORMATION service activities
    This group includes the activities of news agencies and all other remaining INFORMATION service activities.

  • Division 17
    Manufacture of paper and paper products
    This division includes the manufacture of pulp, paper and converted paper products. The manufacture of these products is grouped together because they constitute a series of vertically connected processes. More than one activity is often carried out in a single unit. There are essentially three activities: The manufacture of pulp involves separating the cellulose fibers from other impurities in wood or used paper. The manufacture of paper involves matting these fibers into a sheet. Converted paper products are made from paper and other materials by various cutting and shaping techniques, including coating and laminating activities. The paper articles may be printed (e.g. wallpaper, gift wrap etc.), as long as the printing of INFORMATION is not the main purpose.
    The production of pulp, paper and paperboard in bulk is included in class 1701, while the remaining classes include the production of further-processed paper and paper products.

  • Division 58
    Publishing activities
    This division includes the publishing of books, brochures, leaflets, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, atlases, maps and charts; publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals; directory and mailing list and other publishing, as well as software publishing.

    Publishing includes the acquisition of copyrights to content (information products) and making this content available to the general public by engaging in (or arranging for) the reproduction and distribution of this content in various forms. All the feasible forms of publishing (in print, electronic or audio form, on the Internet, as multimedia products such as CD-ROM reference books etc.), except publishing of motion pictures, are included in this division.

    This division excludes the publishing of motion pictures, video tapes and movies on DVD or similar media (division 59) and the production of master copies for records or audio material (division 59). Also excluded are printing (see 1811) and the mass reproduction of recorded media (see 1820).

  • Division 63
    Information service activities
    This division includes the activities of web search portals, data processing and hosting activities, as well as other activities that primarily supply INFORMATION.
  • Division 62
    Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
    This division includes the following activities of providing expertise in the field of INFORMATION technologies: writing, modifying, testing and supporting software; planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software and communication technologies; on-site management and operation of clients' computer systems and/or data processing facilities; and other professional and technical computer-related activities.
  • Section J
    Information and communication
    This section includes the production and distribution of INFORMATION and cultural products, the provision of the means to transmit or distribute these products, as well as data or communications, INFORMATION technology activities and the processing of data and other INFORMATION service activities.

    The main components of this section are publishing activities (division 58), including software publishing, motion picture and sound recording activities (division 59), radio and TV broadcasting and programming activities (division 60), telecommunications activities (division 61) and INFORMATION technology activities (division 62) and other INFORMATION service activities (division 63).

    Publishing includes the acquisition of copyrights to content (information products) and making this content available to the general public by engaging in (or arranging for) the reproduction and distribution of this content in various forms. All the feasible forms of publishing (in print, electronic or audio form, on the internet, as multimedia products such as CD-ROM reference books etc.) are included in this section.

    Activities related to production and distribution of TV programming span divisions 59, 60 and 61, reflecting different stages in this process. Individual components, such as movies, television series etc. are produced by activities in division 59, while the creation of a complete television channel programme, from components produced in division 59 or other components (such as live news programming) is included in division 60. Division 60 also includes the broadcasting of this programme by the producer. The distribution of the complete television programme by third parties, i.e. without any alteration of the content, is included in division 61. This distribution in division 61 can be done through broadcasting, satellite or cable systems.