SIC Activities related with *research*

In this page we have a complete list of SIC Activities and their Codes related with the term research

research: SIC Codes

There are 13 Economic Activities in all levels that containg the word "RESEARCH" in their name or detailed description. Have you that what you are searching for?

  • Class 0170
    Hunting, trapping and related service activities
    This class includes:
    ~ hunting and trapping on a commercial basis
    ~ taking of animals (dead or alive) for food, fur, skin, or for use in RESEARCH, in zoos or as pets
    ~ production of fur skins, reptile or bird skins from hunting or trapping activities

    This class also includes:
    ~ land-based catching of sea mammals such as walrus and seal

  • Class 2660
    Manufacture of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment
    This class includes:
    ~ manufacture of irradiation apparatus and tubes (e.g. industrial, medical diagnostic, medical therapeutic, RESEARCH, scientific):
    ~ beta-, gamma, X-ray or other radiation equipment
    ~ manufacture of CT scanners
    ~ manufacture of PET scanners
    ~ manufacture of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment
    ~ manufacture of medical ultrasound equipment
    ~ manufacture of electrocardiographs
    ~ manufacture of electromedical endoscopic equipment
    ~ manufacture of medical laser equipment
    ~ manufacture of pacemakers
    ~ manufacture of hearing aids

    This class also includes:
    ~ manufacture of food and milk irradiation equipment

  • Class 7220
    Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities
    This class includes:
    ~ RESEARCH and development on social sciences
    ~ RESEARCH and development on humanities
    ~ interdisciplinary RESEARCH and development, predominantly on social sciences and humanities

  • Class 7210
    Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
    This class includes:
    ~ RESEARCH and experimental development on natural science and engineering:
    ~ RESEARCH and development on natural sciences
    ~ RESEARCH and development on engineering and technology
    ~ RESEARCH and development on medical sciences
    ~ RESEARCH and development on biotechnology
    ~ RESEARCH and development on agricultural sciences
    ~ interdisciplinary RESEARCH and development, predominantly on natural sciences and engineering

  • Class 7320
    Market RESEARCH and public opinion polling
    This class includes:
    ~ investigation into market potential, acceptance and familiarity of products and buying habits of consumers for the purpose of sales promotion and development of new products, including statistical analyses of the results
    ~ investigation into collective opinions of the public about political, economic and social issues and statistical analysis thereof

  • Class 8220
    Activities of call centres
    This class includes:
    ~ activities of inbound call centres, answering calls from clients by using human operators, automatic call distribution, computer telephone integration, interactive voice response systems or similar methods to receive orders, provide product information, deal with customer requests for assistance or address customer complaints
    ~ activities of outbound call centers using similar methods to sell or market goods or services to potential customers, undertake market RESEARCH or public opinion polling and similar activities for clients

  • Class 8530
    Higher education
    This class includes the provision of post-secondary non-tertiary and tertiary education, including granting of degrees at baccalaureate, graduate or post-graduate level. The requirement for admission is at least a high school diploma or equivalent general academic training. Education can be provided in classrooms or through radio, television broadcast, Internet or correspondence.

    This class includes:
    ~ post-secondary non-tertiary education
    ~ first stage of tertiary education (not leading to an advanced RESEARCH qualification)
    ~ second stage of tertiary education (leading to an advanced RESEARCH qualification)

    This class also includes:
    ~ performing arts schools providing higher education

  • Group 721
    Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
    See class 7210.
  • Group 722
    Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities
    See class 7220.
  • Group 732
    Market RESEARCH and public opinion polling
    See class 7320.

  • Division 72
    Scientific RESEARCH and development
    This division includes the activities of three types of RESEARCH and development: 1) basic research: experimental or theoretical work undertaken primarily to acquire new knowledge of the underlying foundations of phenomena and observable facts, without particular application or use in view, 2) applied research: original investigation undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge, directed primarily towards a specific practical aim or objective and 3) experimental development: systematic work, drawing on existing knowledge gained from RESEARCH and/or practical experience, directed to producing new materials, products and devices, to installing new processes, systems and services, and to improving substantially those already produced or installed.

    Research and experimental development activities in this division are subdivided into two categories: natural sciences and engineering; social sciences and the humanities.

    This division excludes market RESEARCH (see class 7320).

  • Division 73
    Advertising and market research
    This division includes the creation of advertising campaigns and placement of such advertising in periodicals, newspapers, radio and television, or other media as well as the design of display structures and sites.
  • Division 74
    Other professional, scientific and technical activities
    This division includes the provision of professional scientific and technical services (except legal and accounting activities; architecture and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis; management and management consultancy activities; RESEARCH and development and advertising activities).