SIC Codes: Division 95

SIC Codes information: Repair of computers and personal and household goods, Code 95

SIC 95

Hierarchy of Division 95

  • Section SOther service activities
  • Division 95Repair of computers and personal and household goods

Groups inside Division 95

  • Group 951Repair of computers and communication equipment
  • Group 952Repair of personal and household goods

List of terms related whith SIC Code 95

What activities does the Division 95 contain?

This division includes the repair and maintenance of computers peripheral equipment such as desktops, laptops, computer terminals, storage devices and printers.

It also includes the repair of communications equipment such as fax machines, two-way radios and consumer electronics such as radios and TVs, home and garden equipment such as lawn-mowers and blowers, footwear and leather goods, furniture and home furnishings, clothing and clothing accessories, sporting goods, musical instruments, hobby articles and other personal and household goods.

Excluded from this division is the repair of medical and diagnostic imaging equipment, measuring and surveying instruments, laboratory instruments, radar and sonar equipment, see 3313.