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  • Growing of beverage crops
    ... class includes: - growing of beverage crops: . COFFEE . tea . maté . cocoa . other beverage ...
    Class 0127
  • Manufacture of food products
    ... example, those performed in bakeries, pastry SHOPs, and prepared meat SHOPs etc. which sell their ...
    Division 10
  • Manufacture of other food products
    ... and similar products, prepared meals and dishes, COFFEE, tea and spices, as well as perishable and ...
    Group 107
  • Manufacture of other food products n.e.c.
    ... class includes: - decaffeinating and roasting of COFFEE - production of COFFEE products: . ground ...
    Class 1079
  • Manufacture of beverages
    ... drinks (see class 1050) and the manufacture of COFFEE, tea and maté products (see class ...
    Division 11
  • Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials
    ... of pressed wood or substitute materials like COFFEE or soybean ...
    Class 1629
  • Manufacture of domestic appliances
    ... ovens . cookers, hotplates . toasters . COFFEE or tea makers . fry pans, roasters, grills, ...
    Class 2750
  • Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery
    ... sensitive laboratory balances): . household and SHOP scales, platform scales, scales for continuous ...
    Class 2819
  • Specialized construction activities
    ... parts of the job may be carried out in a special SHOP. Included are activities such as plumbing, ...
    Division 43
  • Building completion and finishing
    ... installation of fitted kitchens, staircases, SHOP fittings and the like - installation of ...
    Class 4330
  • Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco
    ... products - wholesale of beverages - wholesale of COFFEE, tea, cocoa and spices - wholesale of tobacco ...
    Class 4630
  • Beverage serving activities
    ... predominant) - beer parlors and pubs - coffee SHOPs - fruit juice bars - mobile beverage ... ... serving predominant) - beer parlors and pubs - COFFEE shops - fruit juice bars - mobile beverage ...
    Class 5630