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  • Service activities related to printing
    ... production of reprographic products - DESIGN of printing products e. g. sketches, layouts, ... ... scanning and optical character recognition, ELECTRONIC make-up - plate-making services including ...
    Class 1812
  • Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
    ... units that, unless they are purely electrical, ELECTRONIC or optical, work with moving parts. The ...
    Division 25
  • Manufacture of computer, ELECTRONIC and optical products
    ... communications equipment, and similar ELECTRONIC products, as well as the manufacture of ... ... of this division are characterized by the DESIGN and use of integrated circuits and the ...
    Division 26
  • Manufacture of ELECTRONIC components and boards

    Group 261
  • Manufacture of ELECTRONIC components and boards
    ... of semiconductors and other components for ELECTRONIC applications. This class includes: - ...
    Class 2610
  • Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment
    ... includes the manufacture and/or assembly of ELECTRONIC computers, such as mainframes, desktop ...
    Class 2620
  • Manufacture of consumer electronics
    ... class includes the manufacture of ELECTRONIC audio and video equipment for home entertainment, motor ...
    Class 2640
  • Manufacture of electrical equipment
    ... division excludes the manufacture of ELECTRONIC products (see division ...
    Division 27
  • Manufacture of other ELECTRONIC and electric wires and cables

    Class 2732
  • Manufacture of other electrical equipment
    ... manufacture of sirens - manufacture of ELECTRONIC scoreboards - manufacture of electrical signs - ...
    Class 2790
  • Manufacture of office machinery and equipment (except computers and peripheral equipment)
    ... cash registers - manufacture of calculators, ELECTRONIC or not - manufacture of postage meters, mail ...
    Class 2817
  • Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery
    ... equipment: . machines to assemble electric or ELECTRONIC lamps, tubes (valves) or bulbs . machines for ...
    Class 2829
  • Manufacture of furniture
    ... including cutting, moulding and laminating. The DESIGN of the article, for both aesthetic and ...
    Division 31
  • Manufacture of games and toys
    ... manufacture of dolls, toys and games (including ELECTRONIC games), scale models and children's vehicles ... ... or parlour games - manufacture of wheeled toys DESIGNed to be ridden, including plastic bicycles and ...
    Class 3240
  • Repair of machinery
    ... of photocopy machines - repair of calculators, ELECTRONIC or not - repair of ...
    Class 3312
  • Repair of ELECTRONIC and optical equipment

    Class 3313
  • Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
    ... in sales promotion for their customers and label DESIGN. Retailing is the resale (sale without ...
    Section G
  • Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
    ... mechanical repairs . electrical repairs . ELECTRONIC injection systems repair . ordinary servicing . ...
    Class 4520
  • Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
    ... in sales promotion for their customers and label DESIGN. This division excludes the wholesale of motor ...
    Division 46
  • Wholesale of ELECTRONIC and telecommunications equipment and parts
    ... class includes: - wholesale of ELECTRONIC valves and tubes - wholesale of semiconductor devices - ...
    Class 4652
  • Information and communication
    ... All the feasible forms of publishing (in print, ELECTRONIC or audio form, on the internet, as multimedia ...
    Section J
  • Publishing activities
    ... All the feasible forms of publishing (in print, ELECTRONIC or audio form, on the Internet, as multimedia ...
    Division 58
  • Book publishing
    ... the activities of publishing books in print, ELECTRONIC (CD, ELECTRONIC displays etc. ) or audio form or ...
    Class 5811
  • Publishing of directories and mailing lists
    ... These lists can be published in printed or ELECTRONIC form. This class includes: - publishing of ...
    Class 5812
  • Publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals
    ... schedules Publishing can be done in print or ELECTRONIC form, including on the ...
    Class 5813
  • Activities auxiliary to financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding
    ... group includes the furnishing of physical or ELECTRONIC marketplaces for the purpose of facilitating the ...
    Group 661
  • Management consultancy activities
    ... and communication - lobbying activities - DESIGN of accounting methods or procedures, cost ...
    Class 7020
  • Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy
    ... and realization relative to electrical and ELECTRONIC engineering, mining engineering, chemical ... ... architectural consulting activities: . building DESIGN and drafting . town and city planning and ...
    Class 7110
  • Technical testing and analysis
    ... of complete machinery: motors, automobiles, ELECTRONIC equipment etc. . radiographic testing of welds ...
    Class 7120
  • Advertising and market research
    ... and television, or other media as well as the DESIGN of display structures and ...
    Division 73
  • Advertising
    ... bulletins and frames, window dressing, showroom DESIGN, car and bus carding etc. . media ...
    Class 7310
  • Specialized DESIGN activities

    Group 741
  • Specialized DESIGN activities
    ... class includes: - fashion DESIGN related to textiles, wearing apparel, shoes, jewelry, furniture and ...
    Class 7410
  • Renting and leasing of other personal and household goods
    ... tools for home repairs . flowers and plants . ELECTRONIC equipment for household ...
    Class 7729
  • Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods
    ... machinery and equipment: cash registers, ELECTRONIC calculators etc. . office furniture This class ...
    Class 7730
  • Security and investigation activities
    ... such properties while in transit; operation of ELECTRONIC security alarm systems, such as burglar and fire ...
    Division 80
  • Security systems service activities
    ... includes: - monitoring or remote monitoring of ELECTRONIC security alarm systems, such as burglar and fire ...
    Class 8020
  • Services to buildings and landscape activities
    ... and provision of these services along with the DESIGN of landscape plans and/or the construction (i. e. ...
    Division 81
  • Repair of computers and peripheral equipment
    ... class includes the repair of ELECTRONIC equipment, such as computers and computing machinery and ...
    Class 9511