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  • Finishing of textiles
    ... bleaching of jeans - pleating and similar WORK on textiles - waterproofing, coating, ...
    Class 1313
  • Manufacture of wearing apparel
    ... outerwear, underwear for men, women or children; WORK, city or casual clothing etc. ) and accessories. ...
    Division 14
  • Manufacture of wearing apparel, except fur apparel
    ... leather, including leather industrial WORK accessories such as welder's leather aprons - ...
    Class 1410
  • Service activities related to printing
    ... or printing - production of proofs - artistic WORK including preparation of litho stones and ...
    Class 1812
  • Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
    ... are purely electrical, electronic or optical, WORK with moving parts. The manufacture of weapons ...
    Division 25
  • Manufacture of domestic appliances
    ... brushes, curlers . electric smoothing irons . SPACE heaters and household-type fans, portable . ...
    Class 2750
  • Manufacture of ovens, furnaces and furnace burners
    ... manufacture of permanent mount electric SPACE heaters, electric swimming pool heaters - ...
    Class 2815
  • Manufacture of metal-forming machinery and machine tools
    ... includes: - manufacture of machine tools for WORKing metals and other materials (wood, bone, ...
    Class 2822
  • Manufacture of transport equipment n.e.c.
    ... than motor vehicles and rail, water, air or SPACE transport equipment and military ...
    Group 309
  • Repair and installation of machinery and equipment
    ... machinery, equipment and other products to WORKing order. The provision of general or routine ...
    Division 33
  • Repair of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment
    ... machinery, equipment and other products to WORKing order. The provision of general or routine ...
    Group 331
  • Construction
    ... activities for buildings and civil engineering WORKs. It includes new WORK, repair, additions and ... ... but for their operation (e. g. renting of SPACE in these buildings, manufacturing activities in ...
    Section F
  • Construction of buildings
    ... of buildings of all kinds. It includes new WORK, repair, additions and alterations, the erection ...
    Division 41
  • Civil engineering
    ... for civil engineering objects. It includes new WORK, repair, additions and alterations, the erection ...
    Division 42
  • Construction of roads and railways
    ... other vehicular and pedestrian ways - surface WORK on streets, roads, highways, bridges or ...
    Class 4210
  • Construction of other civil engineering projects
    ... construction of: . waterways, harbour and river WORKs, pleasure ports (marinas), locks, etc. . dams ...
    Class 4290
  • Specialized construction activities
    ... of parts of buildings and civil engineering WORKs without responsibility for the entire project. ...
    Division 43
  • Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation
    ... systems . lawn sprinkler systems - duct WORK ...
    Class 4322
  • Building completion and finishing
    ... after construction - other building completion WORK n. e. c. This class also includes: - interior ...
    Class 4330
  • Other specialized construction activities
    ... pile driving . damp proofing and water proofing WORKs . de-humidification of buildings . shaft ...
    Class 4390
  • Air transport
    ... transport of passengers or freight by air or via SPACE. This division excludes the repair of aircraft ...
    Division 51
  • Freight air transport
    ... of freight by air - launching of satellites and SPACE vehicles - SPACE transport This class also ...
    Class 5120
  • Other transportation support activities
    ... agents - brokerage for ship and aircraft SPACE - goods-handling operations, e. g. temporary ...
    Class 5229
  • Camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks
    ... camps for short stay visitors - provision of SPACE and facilities for recreational vehicles This ...
    Class 5520
  • Real estate activities with own or leased property
    ... projects for own operation, i. e. for renting of SPACE in these buildings - subdividing real estate ...
    Class 6810
  • Scientific research and development
    ... 1) basic research: experimental or theoretical WORK undertaken primarily to acquire new knowledge of ...
    Division 72
  • Advertising
    ... media representation, i. e. sale of time and SPACE for various media soliciting advertising . ...
    Class 7310
  • Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods
    ... operator: . crane lorries . scaffolds and WORK platforms, without erection and dismantling - ...
    Class 7730
  • Temporary employment agency activities
    ... class includes: - supplying WORKers to clients' businesses for limited periods of time to ...
    Class 7820
  • Defence activities
    ... military defence affairs and land, sea, air and SPACE defence forces such as: . combat forces of army, ... ... of civil defence forces - support for the WORKing out of contingency plans and the carrying out ...
    Class 8422
  • Compulsory social security activities
    ... social security programmes: . sickness, WORK-accident and unemployment insurance . retirement ...
    Class 8430
  • Human health and social WORK activities
    ... includes the provision of health and social WORK activities. Activities include a wide range of ...
    Section Q
  • Other human health activities
    ... dental nurses and dental hygienists, who may WORK remote from, but are periodically supervised by, ...
    Class 8690
  • Social WORK activities without accommodation

    Division 88
  • Social WORK activities without accommodation for the elderly and disabled

    Group 881
  • Social WORK activities without accommodation for the elderly and disabled

    Class 8810
  • Other social WORK activities without accommodation

    Group 889
  • Other social WORK activities without accommodation
    ... or other supporting activities aimed at social ...
    Class 8890
  • Activities of trade unions
    ... of their views concerning the salary and WORK situation, and in concerted action through ...
    Class 9420
  • Washing and (dry-) cleaning of textile and fur products
    ... clients' premises or not - provision of linens, WORK uniforms and related items by laundries - diaper ...
    Class 9601
  • Funeral and related activities
    ... or cremation services . rental of equipped SPACE in funeral parlours - rental or sale of graves - ...
    Class 9603