Other sports activities: Class 9319

The industry of Other sports activities has the SIC Code 9319

Code 9319 of SIC

Hierarchy of Class 9319

  • Section RArts, entertainment and recreation
  • Division 93Sports activities and amusement and recreation activities
  • Group 931Sports activities
  • Class 9319Other sports activities

List of terms related whith SIC Code 9319

What activities does the Class 9319 contain?

This class includes:

~ activities of producers or promoters of sports events, with or without facilities

~ activities of individual own-account sportsmen and athletes, referees, judges, timekeepers etc.

~ activities of sports leagues and regulating bodies

~ activities related to promotion of sporting events

~ activities of racing stables, kennels and garages

~ operation of sport fishing and hunting preserves

~ activities of mountain guides

~ support activities for sport or recreational hunting and fishing

What activities does not the Class 9319 contain?

This class excludes:

~ breeding of racing horses, see 0142

~ renting of sports equipment, see 7721

~ activities of sport and game schools, see 8541

~ activities of sports instructors, teachers, coaches, see 8541

~ organization and operation of outdoor or indoor sports events for professionals or amateurs by sports clubs with/without own facilities, see 9311, 9312

~ park and beach activities, see 9329