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  • Raising of cattle and buffaloes
    ... of cattle and buffaloes - production of raw cow MILK from cows or buffaloes - production of bovine ...
    Class 0141
  • Raising of sheep and goats
    ... and goats - production of raw sheep or goat MILK - production of raw ...
    Class 0144
  • Manufacture of food products
    ... meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, fats and oils, MILK products, grain mill products, animal feeds and ...
    Division 10
  • Processing and preserving of meat
    ... camel, etc. - production of fresh, chilled or FROZEN meat, in carcasses - production of fresh, ...
    Class 1010
  • Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
    ... fruit or vegetables, except ready-made dishes in FROZEN or canned form - preserving of fruit, nuts or ...
    Class 1030
  • Manufacture of dairy products
    ... class includes: - manufacture of fresh liquid MILK, pasteurized, sterilized, homogenized and/or ...
    Class 1050
  • Manufacture of bakery products
    ... class includes the manufacture of fresh, FROZEN or dry bakery products. This class includes: - ...
    Class 1071
  • Manufacture of macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar farinaceous products
    ... of couscous - manufacture of canned or FROZEN pasta ...
    Class 1074
  • Manufacture of prepared meals and dishes
    ... are processed to preserve them, such as in FROZEN or canned form, and are usually packaged and ...
    Class 1075
  • Manufacture of other food products n.e.c.
    ... foods, such as: . infant formula . follow up MILKs and other follow up foods . baby foods . foods ...
    Class 1079
  • Manufacture of beverages
    ... juices (see class 1030), the manufacture of MILK-based drinks (see class 1050) and the ...
    Division 11
  • Manufacture of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment
    ... class also includes: - manufacture of food and MILK irradiation ...
    Class 2660
  • Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing
    ... for the dairy industry: . cream separators . MILK processing machinery (e. g. homogenizers) . MILK ...
    Class 2825
  • Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
    ... in smaller lots, storage (whether or not FROZEN or chilled), cleaning and drying of agricultural ...
    Section G