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There are 23 Economic Activities in all levels that containg the word "ANIMALS" in their name or detailed description. Have you that what you are searching for?

  • Class 0149
    Raising of other animals
    This class includes:
    ~ raising and breeding of semi-domesticated or other live animals:
    ~ ostriches and emus
    ~ other birds (except poultry)
    ~ insects
    ~ rabbits and other fur animals
    ~ production of fur skins, reptile or bird skins from ranching operation
    ~ operation of worm farms, land mollusc farms, snail farms etc.
    ~ raising of silk worms, production of silk worm cocoons
    ~ bee-keeping and production of honey and beeswax
    ~ raising and breeding of pet ANIMALS (except fish):
    ~ cats and dogs
    ~ birds, such as parakeets etc.
    ~ hamsters etc.
    ~ raising of diverse animals

  • Class 5222
    Service activities incidental to water transportation
    This class includes:
    ~ activities related to water transport of passengers, ANIMALS or freight:
    ~ operation of terminal facilities such as harbours and piers
    ~ operation of waterway locks etc.
    ~ navigation, pilotage and berthing activities
    ~ lighterage, salvage activities
    ~ lighthouse activities

  • Class 0150
    Mixed farming
    This class includes the combined production of crops and ANIMALS without a specialized production of crops or ANIMALS. The size of the overall farming operation is not a determining factor. If either production of crops or ANIMALS in a given unit exceeds 66 per cent or more of standard gross margins, the combined activity should not be included here, but allocated to crop or animal farming.
  • Class 0170
    Hunting, trapping and related service activities
    This class includes:
    ~ hunting and trapping on a commercial basis
    ~ taking of ANIMALS (dead or alive) for food, fur, skin, or for use in research, in zoos or as pets
    ~ production of fur skins, reptile or bird skins from hunting or trapping activities

    This class also includes:
    ~ land-based catching of sea mammals such as walrus and seal

  • Class 0321
    Marine aquaculture
    This class includes:
    ~ fish farming in sea water including farming of marine ornamental fish
    ~ production of bivalve spat (oyster mussel etc.), lobsterlings, shrimp post-larvae, fish fry and fingerlings
    ~ growing of laver and other edible seaweeds
    ~ culture of crustaceans, bivalves, other molluscs and other aquatic ANIMALS in sea water

    This class also includes:
    ~ aquaculture activities in brackish waters
    ~ aquaculture activities in salt water filled tanks or reservoirs
    ~ operation of fish hatcheries (marine)
    ~ operation of marine worm farms

  • Class 1020
    Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs
    This class includes:
    ~ preparation and preservation of fish, crustaceans and molluscs: freezing, deep-freezing, drying, smoking, salting, immersing in brine, canning etc.
    ~ production of fish, crustacean and mollusc products: cooked fish, fish fillets, roes, caviar, caviar substitutes etc.
    ~ production of fishmeal for human consumption or animal feed
    ~ production of meals and solubles from fish and other aquatic ANIMALS unfit for human consumption

    This class also includes:
    ~ activities of vessels engaged only in the processing and preserving of fish
    ~ processing of seaweed

  • Class 1080
    Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
    This class includes:
    ~ manufacture of prepared feeds for pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish etc.
    ~ manufacture of prepared feeds for farm ANIMALS, including animal feed concentrates and feed supplements
    ~ preparation of unmixed (single) feeds for farm animals

    This class also includes:
    ~ treatment of slaughter waste to produce animal feeds

  • Class 3822
    Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste
    This class includes the disposal and treatment prior to disposal of solid or non-solid hazardous waste, including waste that is explosive, oxidizing, flammable, toxic, irritant, carcinogenic, corrosive or infectious and other substances and preparations harmful for human health and environment.

    This class includes:
    ~ operation of facilities for treatment of hazardous waste
    ~ treatment and disposal of toxic live or dead ANIMALS and other contaminated waste
    ~ incineration of hazardous waste
    ~ disposal of used goods such as refrigerators to eliminate harmful waste
    ~ treatment, disposal and storage of radioactive nuclear waste including:
    ~ treatment and disposal of transition radioactive waste, i.e. decaying within the period of transport, from hospitals
    ~ encapsulation, preparation and other treatment of nuclear waste for storage

  • Class 4610
    Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
    This class includes:
    ~ activities of commission agents and all other wholesalers who trade on behalf and on the account of others
    ~ activities of those involved in bringing sellers and buyers together or undertaking commercial transactions on behalf of a principal, including on the internet
    ~ such agents involved in the sale of:
    ~ agricultural raw materials, live ANIMALS, textile raw materials and semi-finished goods
    ~ fuels, ores, metals and industrial chemicals, including fertilizers
    ~ food, beverages and tobacco
    ~ textiles, clothing, fur, footwear and leather goods
    ~ timber and building materials
    ~ machinery, including office machinery and computers, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft
    ~ furniture, household goods and hardware

    This class also includes:
    ~ activities of wholesale auctioneering houses

  • Class 4620
    Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals
    This class includes:
    ~ wholesale of grains and seeds
    ~ wholesale of oleaginous fruits
    ~ wholesale of flowers and plants
    ~ wholesale of unmanufactured tobacco
    ~ wholesale of live animals
    ~ wholesale of hides and skins
    ~ wholesale of leather
    ~ wholesale of agricultural material, waste, residues and by-products used for animal feed

  • Class 4630
    Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco
    This class includes:
    ~ wholesale of fruit and vegetables
    ~ wholesale of dairy products
    ~ wholesale of eggs and egg products
    ~ wholesale of edible oils and fats of animal or vegetable origin
    ~ wholesale of meat and meat products
    ~ wholesale of fishery products
    ~ wholesale of sugar, chocolate and sugar confectionery
    ~ wholesale of bakery products
    ~ wholesale of beverages
    ~ wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices
    ~ wholesale of tobacco products

    This class also includes:
    ~ buying of wine in bulk and bottling without transformation
    ~ wholesale of feed for pet animals

  • Class 4773
    Other retail sale of new goods in specialized stores
    This class includes:
    ~ retail sale of photographic, optical and precision equipment
    ~ activities of opticians
    ~ retail sale of watches, clocks and jewellery
    ~ retail sale of flowers, plants, seeds, fertilizers, pet ANIMALS and pet food
    ~ retail sale of souvenirs, craftwork and religious articles
    ~ activities of commercial art galleries
    ~ retail sale of household fuel oil, bottled gas, coal and fuel wood
    ~ retail sale of cleaning materials
    ~ retail sale of weapons and ammunition
    ~ retail sale of stamps and coins
    ~ retail sale of non-food products n.e.c.

  • Class 5221
    Service activities incidental to land transportation
    This class includes:
    ~ activities related to land transport of passengers, ANIMALS or freight:
    ~ operation of terminal facilities such as railway stations, bus stations, stations for the handling of goods
    ~ operation of railroad infrastructure
    ~ operation of roads, bridges, tunnels, car parks or garages, bicycle parkings
    ~ switching and shunting
    ~ towing and road side assistance

    This class also includes:
    ~ liquefaction of gas for transportation purposes

  • Class 5223
    Service activities incidental to air transportation
    This class includes:
    ~ activities related to air transport of passengers, ANIMALS or freight:
    ~ operation of terminal facilities such as airway terminals etc.
    ~ airport and air-traffic-control activities
    ~ ground service activities on airfields etc.

    This class also includes:
    ~ firefighting and fire-prevention services at airports

  • Class 7730
    Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods
    This class includes:
    ~ renting and operational leasing, without operator, of other machinery and equipment that are generally used as capital goods by industries:
    ~ engines and turbines
    ~ machine tools
    ~ mining and oilfield equipment
    ~ professional radio, television and communication equipment
    ~ motion picture production equipment
    ~ measuring and controlling equipment
    ~ other scientific, commercial and industrial machinery
    ~ renting and operational leasing of land-transport equipment (other than motor vehicles) without drivers:
    ~ motorcycles, caravans and campers etc.
    ~ railroad vehicles
    ~ renting and operational leasing of water-transport equipment without operator:
    ~ commercial boats and ships
    ~ renting and operational leasing of air transport equipment without operator:
    ~ airplanes
    ~ hot-air balloons
    ~ renting and operational leasing of agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment without operator:
    ~ renting of products produced by class 2821, such as agricultural tractors etc.
    ~ renting and operational leasing of construction and civil-engineering machinery and equipment without operator:
    ~ crane lorries
    ~ scaffolds and work platforms, without erection and dismantling
    ~ renting and operational leasing of office machinery and equipment without operator:
    ~ computers and computer peripheral equipment
    ~ duplicating machines, typewriters and word-processing machines
    ~ accounting machinery and equipment: cash registers, electronic calculators etc.
    ~ office furniture

    This class also includes:
    ~ renting of accommodation or office containers
    ~ renting of containers
    ~ renting of pallets
    ~ renting of ANIMALS (e.g. herds, race horses)

  • Class 8423
    Public order and safety activities
    This class includes:
    ~ administration and operation of regular and auxiliary police forces supported by public authorities and of port, border, coastguards and other special police forces, including traffic regulation, alien registration, maintenance of arrest records
    ~ firefighting and fire prevention:
    ~ administration and operation of regular and auxiliary fire brigades in fire prevention, firefighting, rescue of persons and ANIMALS, assistance in civic disasters, floods, road accidents etc.
    ~ administration and operation of administrative civil and criminal law courts, military tribunals and the judicial system, including legal representation and advice on behalf of the government or when provided by the government in cash or services
    ~ rendering of judgements and interpretations of the law
    ~ arbitration of civil actions
    ~ prison administration and provision of correctional services, including rehabilitation services, regardless of whether their administration and operation is done by government units or by private units on a contract or fee basis
    ~ provision of supplies for domestic emergency use in case of peacetime disasters

  • Group 014
    Animal production
    This group includes raising (farming) and breeding of all ANIMALS, except aquatic ANIMALS.
  • Group 462
    Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals
    See class 4620.

  • Group 382
    Waste treatment and disposal
    This group includes the disposal and treatment prior to disposal of various forms of waste by different means, such as waste treatment of organic waste with the aim of disposal; treatment and disposal of toxic live or dead ANIMALS and other contaminated waste; treatment and disposal of transition radioactive waste from hospitals, etc.; dumping of refuse on land or in water; burial or ploughing-under of refuse; disposal of used goods such as refrigerators to eliminate harmful waste; disposal of waste by incineration or combustion.
    Included is also the generation of electricity resulting from waste incineration processes.

  • Division 01
    Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
    This division includes two basic activities, namely the production of crop products and production of animal products, covering also the forms of organic agriculture, the growing of genetically modified crops and the raising of genetically modified ANIMALS.

    This division also includes service activities incidental to agriculture, as well as hunting, trapping and related activities.

    Group 015 (Mixed farming) breaks with the usual principles for identifying main activity. It accepts that many agricultural holdings have reasonably balanced crop and animal production and that it would be arbitrary to classify them in one category or the other.

    Agricultural activities exclude any subsequent processing of the agricultural products (classified under divisions 10 and 11 (Manufacture of food products and beverages) and division 12 (Manufacture of tobacco products)), beyond that needed to prepare them for the primary markets. However, the preparation of products for the primary markets is included here.

    The division excludes field construction (e.g. agricultural land terracing, drainage, preparing rice paddies etc.) classified in section F (Construction) and buyers and cooperative associations engaged in the marketing of farm products classified in section G.

  • Division 75
    Veterinary activities
    This division includes the provision of animal health care and control activities for farm ANIMALS or pet ANIMALS. These activities are carried out by qualified veterinarians in veterinary hospitals as well as when visiting farms, kennels or homes, in own consulting and surgery rooms or elsewhere. It also includes animal ambulance activities.
  • Division 10
    Manufacture of food products
    This division includes the processing of the products of agriculture, forestry and fishing into food for humans or ANIMALS, and includes the production of various intermediate products that are not directly food products. The activity often generates associated products of greater or lesser value (for example, hides from slaughtering, or oilcake from oil production).
    This division is organized by activities dealing with different kinds of products: meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, fats and oils, milk products, grain mill products, animal feeds and other food products. Production can be carried out for own account, as well as for third parties, as in custom slaughtering.
    Some activities are considered manufacturing (for example, those performed in bakeries, pastry shops, and prepared meat shops etc. which sell their own production) even though there is retail sale of the products in the producers' own shop. However, where the processing is minimal and does not lead to a real transformation, the unit is classified to Wholesale and retail trade (section G).

    Production of animal feeds from slaughter waste or by-products is classified in 1080, while processing food and beverage waste into secondary raw material is classified to 3830, and disposal of food and beverage waste in 3821.

  • Section A
    Agriculture, forestry and fishing
    This section includes the exploitation of vegetal and animal natural resources, comprising the activities of growing of crops, raising and breeding of ANIMALS, harvesting of timber and other plants, ANIMALS or animal products from a farm or their natural habitats.