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  • Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
    ... activities exclude any subsequent PROCESSING of the agricultural products (classified under ...
    Division 01
  • Seed PROCESSING for propagation

    Class 0164
  • Forestry and logging
    ... result in products that undergo little PROCESSING, such as fire wood, charcoal, wood chips and ...
    Division 02
  • Fishing and aquaculture
    ... sport or recreational fishing activities (9319). PROCESSING of fish, crustaceans or molluscs is excluded, ...
    Division 03
  • Marine fishing
    ... of vessels engaged both in fishing and in PROCESSING and preserving of fish - gathering of other ...
    Class 0311
  • Mining and quarrying
    ... in division 09. This section excludes the PROCESSING of the extracted materials (see section C - ...
    Section B
  • Other mining and quarrying
    ... of chemicals etc. This division does not include PROCESSING (except crushing, grinding, cutting, cleaning, ...
    Division 08
  • Manufacturing
    ... for defining manufacturing (see remark on PROCESSING of waste below). The materials, substances, or ...
    Section C
  • Manufacture of food products
    ... division includes the PROCESSING of the products of agriculture, forestry and fishing into food for ...
    Division 10
  • Processing and preserving of meat

    Group 101
  • Processing and preserving of meat
    ... class also includes: - slaughtering and PROCESSING of whales on land or on specialized vessels - ... ... class includes: - operation of SLAUGHTERHOUSEs engaged in killing, dressing or packing meat: beef, pork, ...
    Class 1010
  • Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs

    Group 102
  • Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs
    ... activities of vessels engaged only in the PROCESSING and preserving of fish - PROCESSING of ...
    Class 1020
  • Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables

    Group 103
  • Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
    ... of jams, marmalades and table jellies - PROCESSING and preserving of potatoes: . manufacture of ...
    Class 1030
  • Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats
    ... vegetable oils: olive oil, soya-bean oil etc. - PROCESSING of vegetable oils: blowing, boiling, ...
    Class 1040
  • Manufacture of other food products n.e.c.
    ... manufacture of egg products, egg albumin - PROCESSING of salt into food-grade salt, e. g. iodized ...
    Class 1079
  • Manufacture of tobacco products
    ... division includes the PROCESSING of an agricultural product, tobacco, into a form suitable for final ...
    Division 12
  • Preparation and spinning of textile fibres
    ... weaving or sewing, for the trade or for further PROCESSING: . texturizing, twisting, folding, cabling and ...
    Class 1311
  • Manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics
    ... class includes: - manufacture and PROCESSING of knitted or crocheted fabrics: . pile and terry fabrics . ...
    Class 1391
  • Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials
    ... pipes . other articles of wood - natural cork PROCESSING, manufacture of agglomerated cork - manufacture ...
    Class 1629
  • Manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard
    ... and paperboard intended for further industrial PROCESSING This class also includes: - further PROCESSING ...
    Class 1701
  • Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products
    ... petrol, kerosene, fuel oil etc. ) as well as PROCESSING services (e. g. custom refining). This division ...
    Division 19
  • Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
    ... and end products produced by further PROCESSING of basic chemicals that make up the remaining ...
    Division 20
  • Manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemical and botanical products
    ... salicylic and O-acetylsalicylic acids etc. - PROCESSING of blood - manufacture of medicaments: . ...
    Class 2100
  • Manufacture of plastics products
    ... class includes the PROCESSING of new or spent (i. e. recycled) plastics resins into intermediate or final ...
    Class 2220
  • Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment
    ... that do all of the following: (1) store the PROCESSING program or programs and the data immediately ...
    Class 2620
  • Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing
    ... the dairy industry: . cream separators . milk PROCESSING machinery (e. g. homogenizers) . milk converting ...
    Class 2825
  • Manufacture of machinery for textile, apparel and leather production
    ... machinery - manufacture of machinery for fabric PROCESSING: . machinery for washing, bleaching, dyeing, ...
    Class 2826
  • Building of ships and floating structures
    ... of warships - building of fishing boats and fish-PROCESSING factory vessels This class also includes: - ...
    Class 3011
  • Repair of machinery
    ... and maintenance of food, beverage, and tobacco PROCESSING machinery - repair and maintenance of textile ...
    Class 3312
  • Materials recovery
    ... class includes: - PROCESSING of metal and non-metal waste and scrap and other articles into secondary ...
    Class 3830
  • Wholesale of construction materials, hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies
    ... in the rough - wholesale of products of primary PROCESSING of wood - wholesale of paint and varnish - ...
    Class 4663
  • Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
    ... may not be for personal or household use. Some PROCESSING of goods may be involved, but only incidental to ...
    Division 47
  • Postal activities
    ... including retail locations, sorting and PROCESSING facilities, and carrier routes to pickup and ...
    Class 5310
  • Information and communication
    ... information technology activities and the PROCESSING of data and other information service ...
    Section J
  • Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities
    ... for animated films: . developing and PROCESSING motion picture film . reproduction of motion ...
    Class 5912
  • Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
    ... of clients' computer systems and/or data PROCESSING facilities; and other professional and technical ...
    Division 62
  • Computer consultancy and computer facilities management activities
    ... of clients' computer systems and/or data PROCESSING facilities, as well as related support ...
    Class 6202
  • Information service activities
    ... the activities of web search portals, data PROCESSING and hosting activities, as well as other ...
    Division 63
  • Data PROCESSING, hosting and related activities; web portals
    ... provision of infrastructure for hosting, data PROCESSING services and related activities, as well as the ...
    Group 631
  • Data PROCESSING, hosting and related activities
    ... provision of infrastructure for hosting, data PROCESSING services and related activities - specialized ...
    Class 6311
  • Other activities auxiliary to financial service activities
    ... classified, such as: - financial transaction PROCESSING and settlement activities, including for credit ...
    Class 6619
  • Photographic activities
    ... of events: weddings, meetings etc. - film PROCESSING: . developing, printing and enlarging from ...
    Class 7420
  • Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods
    ... duplicating machines, typewriters and word-PROCESSING machines . accounting machinery and equipment: ...
    Class 7730
  • Photocopying, document preparation and other specialized office support activities
    ... document editing or proofreading - typing, word PROCESSING, or desktop publishing - secretarial support ...
    Class 8219